Day Eight: Giveaway with Judy Merrill

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Christmas traditons

All celebrations in my family centred around food. One of the staples of the dinner was baked sweet potatoes. And invariably my mom would burn the thin ones.

Another staple was the Christmas Pudding which would be topped with whipped cream. There is quite a tradition of overdoing the whipped cream and even getting a bit mussed with it. When my daughter did this with her children and the other side of her family, they thought it was terrible! Go figure, when we can’t have fun at celebrations!

Author Bio:

Judy Merrill is an experienced, Professional Spiritualism Medium, available for private readings, parties, corporate events in the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Judy is an educator, writer and Developer/Tutor of courses in Basic and Advanced Modern Spiritualism & Mediumship including Spiritual Healing.

Her books:

Journey, My Soul (non-fiction)

As we journey with the God of our understanding, many things open to our consciousness for consideration. In all spirituality is a taste or sample of God’s love and blessings.

Journey With God! The journey begins with our personal covenant with the God of our own understanding. In this covenant is our freedom. This is the freedom from material pursuits to accomplish spiritual awareness.

The concept of God has ever been humanity’s quest for understanding. In the past an understanding of God was based on nature – a God of wind, a God of fire, a God of sun, moon, stars, the heavens. To this day, there are multiple Gods worshiped under the cover of one diety.

Many now search for God within the human makeup. Humanity is an evolving search for perfection, within the innate urge to grow and be whole.

Awaken, My Soul (non-fiction)

Taking charge of your life brings an awakening to the ‘more’ that is your spirituality.

Philosophy of Love: A philosophy of a loving God, in deed and truth, with affection for all creation, is shown through the proof of Natural Law, in which all life must function and progress. Eternal justice is the co-relative of eternal love. The laws necessary for orderly existence are put in place.

Our personal sojourn on the earth plane is to refine our spirituality through the opportunities and challenges of life and our ability to meet and resolve these challenges in a spiritual manner. Each time we meet an opportunity and deal in good faith with responsibility for the situation, we have gained spiritual growth for our soul. If the opportunities presented are ignored, or otherwise not met in responsible manner, we withhold the light to our spiritual soul.

Judy Merrill is giving away a copy of her book Journey, My Soul. Contest rules:

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