Review of Danging By a Thread

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Review of Danging By a Thread

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dangling by a Thread by Lea Wait
Published by Kensington on October 25th 2016
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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The Mainely Needlepointers are about to learn that no man is an island—especially when greedy developers want his land . . .   Hermit Jesse Lockhart lives alone on King’s Island, three miles east of Haven Harbor, Maine, where he’s created a private sanctuary for the endangered Great Cormorants. But when a wealthy family wants to buy the island and Jesse’s cousin Simon petitions for power of attorney to force him to sell, Jesse is the one who becomes endangered.   Mainely Needlepointer Dave Perry, who befriended Jesse in the VA hospital, rallies the group to his defense. Angie Curtis and the ravelers stitch “Save the King’s Island Cormorants” pillows and sell T-shirts to pay for Jesse’s legal counsel. But tragically, on a visit to the island, Angie and Dave find Jesse dead. Now the search is on for a common thread that can tie the murdered man to his killer . . .  “Offers a wonderful sense of place and characters right from the very beginning. Highly recommended.” —Suspense Magazine on Threads of Evidence

Also by this author: Twisted Threads, Threads of Evidence, Thread and Gone, Tightening the Threads, Thread the Halls, Thread Herrings , Thread on Arrival

First Line

The August fog felt damp and soft on my face as I sat on a bench on Wharf Street, sipped my coffee, and watched anchored boats in Haven Harbor appear and disappear.

What I thought of this book

I have always liked this series and I think I found my favorite book in the series.

Angie is trying to get used to having the house all to herself now that her Grandmother is married and she is finding it a bit lonely. While enjoying some downtime watching the pier she sees a man rowing into the harbor. The ex-Private Investigator in her has her curious about the man so she follows him. She finds out he is called The Solitary by a most of the people because he keeps to himself and lives out on Kings Island with the birds.

She soon finds out that he is a friend of her friend Dave who isn’t willing to tell her much about him because Jesse is a private man. Then a rich guy comes to town and wants to buy his island and she learns more about Jesse and his birds. It seems there is a threatened species of bird on that island that he protects and he will not sell his island, but he only owns half of it. His cousin owns the other half and the guy wanting it is going to bring him in in hopes of getting him to convenience Jesse to sell.

Then Jesse turns up dead and Angie finds out he was murdered and she is determined to find out who killed him.

I really enjoyed this one even though I figured out whodunit and Angie didn’t. 🙂 The police actually got it figured out before she did, but I can see why she wouldn’t have figured it out. I liked this one a lot because we get to know a lot more about her friend Dave. Angie is also doing a lot of contemplating about her life and being single. She goes out a few times with Patrick though I am not really a huge fan of him and would prefer her and Dave to get together. 🙂 I guess we will have to wait and see if she finds some romance. Angie is really relatable and I can totally understand her loneliness of being single. I am really glad that Angie didn’t drink as much in this one as in previous novels. 🙂

Overall, I thought this was a good one with an interesting storyline. If you love cozies you really should try this series!

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16 responses to “Review of Danging By a Thread

    • Stormi

      I liked it the most because there was some things in the other books I wasn’t fond of, one was her excess drinking and the other was the pastor having an ouija board collection (I just find that wrong). This book hardly had any drinking and no mention of the pastors collection. 🙂 So I deemed it my favorite…that and I liked learning more about Dave.

  1. I’m excited to see this is your favorite so far! I’ve been loving this series as well so I’m glad to see that it’s just getting better. I’m looking forward to getting to know Angie and Dave a bit better and glad that the drinking is better in this one. I thought it was better in book #3 and was hoping that was a trend and not the exception!

    • Stormi

      Your right there was less drinking in the last one too so I am glad to see it continuing and I hope it stays that way. 🙂

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