#COYER Scavenger Hunt: Goal Post

June 22, 2015 Misc. 1

COYER-ScavHuntLogo-1024x731The Scavenger Hunt is here and I should have made a goal post a long time ago but I kept forgetting to do it. If your not sure what COYER is then you can go and check out the sign up page and see all the rules.  Basically it’s a fun time to Clean Out Your E-Readers but the summer one is a bit more relaxed especially with the Scavenger Hunt and you can read almost any book (no library books). Come on over and check out the fun!

So here are my goals:

  • Read 25-30 books (if I go over great but I think this is pushing it even for me..lol)
  • Check out as many reviews as I can and leave a comment.
  • Try read books that will hit something on the Scavenger Hunt list
  • Be a good co-host! 🙂

Some of the books on my list of books I would like to read:

A for alibi Monstrumologist cemetery tours Trapped by Revenge Deep in Death Crossing Danger


fablehaven If the Shoe Kills cutlass Bone Deep If the Viscount Falls


Okay so that is some I would like to read, there are more but I will admit to being lazy and also not knowing what will be next..lol. I am such a mood reader. 🙂

Are you part of COYER? If not come on and join the fun!


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  1. Suzi Q, The Book Dame

    I read the first in that Lynn Cahoon series and have the second on my TBR. I love cozy mysteries and that first one was quite good. Best of luck with your goals. You are already off to a great start with your goal to be a good host. You’re rockin’ it! I appreciate the comments that you have left on my posts and the encouragement that you have offered.

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