COYER 2014-2015 Starts Now! (Social Media Info)

December 20, 2014 Challenges 4

WinterCoyerIt’s COYER Time!!

So as some of you already know I have been recruited to be the Social Media Guru for COYER. Last year I thought that maybe they could use some help and I offered. I am a huge fan of COYER so I am really excited to be working with both Berls from Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle from Because reading, they are two very sweet ladies. Check out their kick off page by clicking on their blog link!

I am here to help make the facebook page and twitter run smooth…or at least that is my On Facebook we have three different types of post that we will do each week and would love for you all to participate in. If you haven’t become a member of the COYER facebook page you may do so here.

Twitter doesn’t work as well for the facebook questions but we still want our Twitter people to have some fun to so I am thinking of things to ask. When on twitter don’t forget to use #COYER so we can keep track of all that twitter goodness you will be dishing out!


Tag You’re It Mondays:  Each week I will pick someone from the list of those who participated in the last Tag You’re It. For the first Tag I will go so on Monday 22nd you  will see a question from me. It’s a time to get to know each other, discuss books, etc. Have fun with your questions but don’t make them too hard. We want everyone to participate.

Where are you Wednesdays: This is the chance to let us know what book you’re reading and how far you have gotten. This time we have decided to leave out you needing to give us a quote that way you don’t actually have to be in front of your book to participate. (Though you don’t have to give a quote you may do so if you want.)

Freaky Friday: On Fridays I will ask you what character you would or wouldn’t want to change places with in the current book you are reading. Last time we just asked what  character you wanted to trade places with and learned that in some reads you just might not want to be any characters in the story you are reading. So you can tell if there is one you would love being or one you would hate to be.


So I decided to have Tweet me Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will be when I will tweet a questions that will be easy to answer in under 140 characters.

The questions will most likely be:

-Do you like what you’re reading?

-How many books have you knocked off your list?

They are simple easy to answer questions that will also keep everyone informed on how you’re doing during COYER.

There will be prizes

There are rewards for participating in the COYER facebook group and Tweeting because each week I will randomly select a person using for a prize that is given away by Berls or Michelle. The prizes will be swag packs and the will not be sent out to the winners until after the event.

So any time you see one of the questions posted on Facebook or Twitter then you will want to answer it so you can have a chance to win a prize!

When on Twitter remember to use #COYER so I can keep track of who is tweeting!

Twitter Parties!

I would also like to remind you that Berls and Michelle will be putting on two twitter parties during COYER and we know that you might not be able to get in on both of them but hopefully you can catch one. The dates are January 24th at 4:00 est and March 1st at 4:00 est. So mark your calendars!

Perks of joining in on the Twitter parties is there will be prizes there as well!

Now lets go read some book!!!



4 Responses to “COYER 2014-2015 Starts Now! (Social Media Info)”

  1. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    WOW, that’s a lot of social presence, Stormi! I’m so excited for COYER this time around, I am so happy I’ll be able to read some of those books that have been ‘collecting dust’ on my kindle for a while 😉
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Stormi

    Yeah, I know crazy right, I am going to be one busy social 😉 Clean out the cobwebs on our

  3. Lola

    So excited for this start of Coyer and sounds like you’re really on top of this whole social media thing :). I am happy that the quote thing has been removed as that’s sometimes difficult for me and I didn’t participate because of that a few times. And the freaky friday with either someone you want to trade or not, sounds like a nice addition, I sometiems had trouble with this question, so hopefully this will make it easier for me to answer :).

    I use tweetdeck for twitter and have had a column with the hashtag coyer ever since I participated last summer. I am determined to participate in one of the twitter parties this time as I missed them all in summer.

    • Stormi

      That is the thing about trying things one year, if it doesn’t work well you take it off and do something different. 🙂 We wanted to make it easier to participate so I hope to see you around answering them questions. 😉

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