Can You Read a Series in a month (November)

October 7, 2019 Challenges 7

Can You Read a Series in a Month?

Remember the days before book blogging, when you didn’t have a COLOSSAL list of books to read, because you didn’t know about all of them yet? When you discovered a great series and literally just gobbled it up because you had no review book commitments and, quite often, nothing else to read anyway? When you didn’t know about a series until long after it was published from beginning to end and you COULD just binge read the whole thing? Wouldn’t it be fun to do that again? Not to mention, I KNOW you have a least half a dozen series you’ve been dying to read and just haven’t made time for.

For more information and a list of rules and questions/answers go check out Because Reading.

So I have decided that in November I wanted to read some cozy mysteries and I need to catch up on some series! So I just picked out one of my series I have going and this is the one I am doing.

The Wine Trail Mystery Series by JC Eaton

Norrie Ellington is a successful screenwriter living in New York City. She’s also been a silent partner for her family’s winery upstate—until her sister and brother-in-law take a year-long sabbatical.

So I know nothing about wine but that hasn’t ever stopped me from enjoying a wine themed cozy. I love this author dou’s first series, The Sophie Kimball Mysteries, so I am sure I will enjoy these just as much. And look at all those cute animals on the covers!!

I have a plan! There are four full weeks in November so that is one cozy a week and they are usually pretty quick reads so I think I can do it!

If you have a series you need to catch up on or finish then join in!


7 Responses to “Can You Read a Series in a month (November)”

    • Stormi

      Yeah, I really like this author’s other series so I am feeling confident I will like this one making this an easy challenge! *fingers crossed*

  1. Barb @ Booker T's Farm

    Those were definitely the good old days right? I love the covers of this series – imagine that. I see dogs! So I’ve decided to join in as well. November sounds perfect for some cozies!

  2. Flora

    Ha!Ha!Ha! I can answer that – No, no I can’t. I’ve got so many series started then a publisher send me a new book to read and I put aside my personal TBR pile, again! 😉

    That being said, I have been working through my unfinished series piles this year and I have managed to catch up on a few of them.

    Good luck with your reading, Stormi, I hope you catch up with The Wine Train Mystery series (they do have cute covers).

    Flora x

  3. Berls

    Yay! I’m glad you’re joining us Stormi! And you’ve got a smart plan – 1 cozy a week is certainly doable. I love wine and cozies, so I look forward to your reviews too 🙂

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