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October 28, 2007 Uncategorized 1

Now I know a lot of people out there pick and choose your movies carefully, but sometimes a movie looks good from the previews, because it doesn’t give you much information. I don’t usually go around telling people to not watch a movie. I am very much a movie buff, but when I heard about what The Golden Compass was really about I was a bit worried.

I seen the preview for this movie and it looks like a pretty cool children’s movie, lots of adventures, cool costumes, fancy flying machines, but its what it doesn’t tell you that is scary. The movie doesn’t tell you that it was made by a atheist and that it is sort of his own version of a Narnia. The man who wrote this movie, Phillip Pullman hates things like Narnia, so he has decided the C.S. Lewis tale needed the other side told. It alarms me that a movie like this is being made and being geared towards children, because in the end of the series, the young girl is suppose to kill God. Yes that is right you heard me kill God.

So for the first time in my life I am telling people to please not watch this movie. We need to band together and make this movie die out quick, cut it at the box office, so that it don’t make enough money to make a sequel and falls away. For the first time I am saying boycott this movie. Tell everyone you know about this movie and ask them to please not go see it.

For more information about The Golden Compass you can go to snope and check out all the info on it.


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  1. cathikin

    I read the snopes account and some other comments. Otherwise I would not have known about this movie. It concerns me, and I have passed the information on to some friends with children.

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