Book Review: Wild Cat by Christine Feehan

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Book Review: Wild Cat by Christine Feehan

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Wild Cat by Christine Feehan
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Published by Berkley Books on November 24, 2015
Pages: 432
Format: eBook
Source: the library

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Seventh in the Leopard paranormal romance series and revolving around Mob bosses, some of whom are leopard shifters, trying to tone criminal activity down. The couple focus is on Siena Arnotto and Elijah Lospostos.

My Take

I swear, Feehan is so melodramatic. I think I keep reading because I liked the first few books of the series so much that I keep hoping she’ll pull back on all this drama. Oy, and the sex. Holy cats. She must have wanted to really pad out the book.

It’s the worst betrayal, being used by family. That and the reveal of the Han Vol Dan at least makes sense of what appeared to be insta-love and vicious temper.

How is it that Siena’s grandfather is so careless about his granddaughter? I am rather torn about Siena. On the one hand, I love that she stands up to her grandfather and Paolo, but then she gives in so easily over and over to Elijah. Yeah, I’m being a hypocrite. My pride would have me running from him, even as I get so annoyed with the being-misunderstood meme.

It’s definitely an interesting series premise, all these men as the head of Mob families who have united to ease the brutality of other mobs. What surprises me is the realistic attitude these men have. I guess, too, that I read on because I want to see how this series premise plays out.

Feehan uses third person global subjective point-of-view with Siena and Elijah with the primary perspectives. Secondary perspectives are provided by other characters in their own scenes.

Wild Cat is not really about character, instead it’s all action — all violence and sex.

The Story

In love with Elijah since she was fifteen, Siena Arnotto is devastated to learn what he really thinks of her. By the time she returns to her refuge, her home, she will be even more destroyed by the truth of her grandfather and his men.

The Characters

Kidnapped twice, Siena Arnotto is a pampered grandchild with a master’s in oenology along with other degrees to aid her as heir to her grandfather’s businesses, but yet she is held at a distance. Grandfather is Antonio “Nonno” Arnotto. His bodyguards include the brutal Paolo Riso, the scarier, emotionless Alonzo Massi, and Marco Capello.

Elijah Lospostos had been brought up hard to be his family’s enforcer; he took down the uncle who murdered his parents. His personal bodyguards are Joaquin and Tomas Estrada, brothers. Elijah’s grandmother had been the only positive influence in his life, and she’d taught him to cook. Rachel is Elijah’s sister, and she’s married to Rio (Wild Rain, 1).

Members of the Drake Alliance

Donovan Security Company is…
…owned by Drake Donovan, who is originally from Borneo, and married to Saria (Savage Nature, 4).

Jake Bannaconni is a billionaire neighbor married to the very pregnant Emma (Burning Wild, 2).They have a child, Draya. Evan Courtier works for Jake and will take on the control room.

Joshua Tregre pilots the helicopter. Eli Perez is an ex-DEA agent and part of the team. The three-months-pregnant Caterina is Eli’s wife.

Doc is also a leopard shifter and handles their medical issues. Michelle is a friend of Doc’s and a great plastic surgeon. Trey.

Rafe Cordeau is a Louisiana mob boss who disappeared. A local bomb-making boy as well as one of Cordeau’s shifter lieutenants, Robert Gaton is taking over Cordeau’s territory. Danny is the guard at the guardhouse. Bart is Danny’s partner in all his crimes. Terry is another.

Other friends of Siena’s grandfather included Don Miguel, Carlo Bianchi, Luigi Baldini, and Angelo Fabbri. Pete is the propane delivery man in Louisiana. His niece is missing. Detectives Madison and Harrison investigate the murder and Siena’s welfare. The Han Vol Dan is when the female learns about her inner leopard.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a real mish-mash of the long-haired Siena in profile with her leopard’s face coming out on her shoulder and breast as well as leopard spots on her neck and part of her face. Elijah’s leopard is huge just below the author’s name, peering at us from between Siena’s curtain of brown hair and the narrow band of leopard spots that frame the right edge of the cover. Well below Elijah is Paolo’s leopard snarling between the same. Separating these two male cats is a touch of the idyllic — a pink house with vineyards in front of it. Text-wise, most of it is white from the info blurb at the very top, a note about publication (below the author’s name which is in leopard orange), an epigraph on the left below Siena’s chin, the title in a slanted script just above her chest, and the series information at the very bottom on the right.

The title could be Siena, Elijah, or both, for each is a Wild Cat.

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