Book Review: The Privilege of Peace by Tanya Huff

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Book Review: The Privilege of Peace by Tanya Huff

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Privilege of Peace by Tanya Huff
Series: ,
Genres: Military Science Fiction
Published by DAW Books on June 19, 2018
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover
Source: the library

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Also by this author: An Ancient Peace, A Peace Divided

Third and last in the Peacekeeper military science fiction series (eighth in the Confederation universe) and revolving around ex-Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr, now Warden, with her Strike Team.

My Take

It’s all about the disgust and fears of the Elder Races, as they intend to shut the Younger Races down. It turns out that all that propaganda about the H’san simply confirms what Torin has been declaring all along. Hoo, boy. I sure hope this means that Huff intends on another trilogy, especially after the reveals in The Privilege of Peace.

The point-of-view is third person global subjective as we experience the events in four plotlines from the perspectives of Torin, Craig, Presit, Alamber, the Silsviss, Marteau, and more.

I love the action in Confederation, and lord knows there’s plenty of action! They are a Strike Team for law enforcement and dealing with hostages in mines, on space stations, in space ships, and they bring that military mindset to the job. It really puts a strain on these ex-military characters that they can’t go all gangbusters, lol. All part of the fun and the snark.

What can I say? Torin’s a realistic Marine who won’t take no, Craig hates the politics and rules, and they all are interested in the good of the Confederation. Everyone in Justice seems to feel the same way, in their own ways. And it’s a truly “human” group of people with their interests, personalities, and exuberance.

Besides all the grumbling from the Strike Teams about the unrealistic viewpoint of Justice, there is a positive to fighting crime their way, lol.

“‘As I said, rehabilitation. A lot of therapy and working through the issues that caused you to break the law until trained professionals are convinced you won’t do it again.’

‘You’re not serious. That’s — I’d rather be shot.'”

Ooh, lol, that confrontation on Big Yellow was both scary and funny, especially when that di’Taykan pheromone went to work. Who’d’a thunk? *More laughter*

It’s what I’ve so enjoyed about Huff’s Confederation. The manipulative politicians, military, and those oh-so-superior upper races who claim it’s an open government, transparent. A transparency Torin makes excellent use of, ROFLMAO. I love it! I love it! And simply confirms — to me — that Huff must intend to go on. How can she leave us hanging with that group in such disgrace?! I have got to know!! Then there are the people and their particular quirks. That Alamber, lol!

A few niggles, ’cause I got sick and tired of hearing about how the H’san love cheese and sing welcome to the dawn. I got it the first 2,000 times. Yeah, I’m exaggerating, but it became so annoying. Then there are all the name “changes”. Somebody couldn’t keep track of how to spell a few of the names in here. There were a few confusing bits in here as well, but nothing that kept me from enjoying the read.

And remember, “I was just following orders” doesn’t work as a defense.

The Story

Now that the war is over, the Elder and Mid races are shoving the Younger ones aside with talk of banishment. The military is missing its importance. And the Strike Teams are hamstrung with Justice’s insistence on following those pesky laws.

Torin just wishes the Elder and Mid races would come to Jesus and reality about violence within the Confederation.

And still, Torin Kerrr gets the job done.

The Characters

Berbar Station is…
…located in Sector Seven and is Justice headquarters and home base for the six Strike Teams, Peacekeeper units for the Confederation, of which Commander Lanh Ng, a former Justice lawyer, is in charge and adamant that the Strike Teams never go military. Mimi Paddison is with SR. Ru.

Warden Torin Kerr had been a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines. Now she leads Strike Team Alpha (A Peace Divided, 2 (7)). Craig Ryder — the former Civilian Salvage Operator-pilot of the Promise — is with Torin — and they’re famous for their exploits.

Members of Strike Team Alpha include…
Binti Mashona is a Human sniper and one of the three who survived the Silsviss (Valor’s Choice, 1). Ressk, ex-Corps with mad computer skills, and Master Corporal Werst, a former Marine with unarmed combat skills like Tori, are a bonded Krai couple. Di’Cikeys Alamber is a di’Taykan and an absolute genius when it comes to computers. And he has a hankering to work in the labs.

Members of Strike Team U’yun include…
…Navy Lieutenant Elisk, a Krai and the team leader; the Human Marine Lieutenant Marie Bilodeau who took the escape clause; SN di’Numanja Tylen is a di’Taykan female; Master Corporal Harris Zhou is a disaffected Human; Corporal di’Burlut Nicholin is another di’Taykan; Lorkin is Krai; and, Technical Sergeant di’Ahaski Yahsamus, a di’Taykan.

Members of Strike Team Ch’tore/Ch’ore include…
…the Human Captain Ranjit Kaur is the Lead; di’Hajak Sirin is di’Taykan; and, Orrnis and Aszur, a pilot, are Krai.

Members of Strike Team T’Jaam include…
…the Human Doug Collins and di’Tagawa Gamar, a di’Taykan.

Members of Strike Team Beta include…
Pirrtirr/Porrtir who is a Krai pilot.

Delta is another Strike Team.

C&C is the Clean-up Crew and usually composed of Dornagain, Rakva, and Niln. In forensics, the Katrien Myril is a new hire and Dr di’Nakamot Bishami is having coding problems. Hayate. Doc Collins is a cutie in medical. Dr Tyrub is a Slaink and the station’s radiation specialist. Dr Je’lip. Sergeant Urrest, a Krai, retired when the Marines forced her out and is now in charge of the Strike Teams’ armory while Nalvon, a di’Taykan, is new and used to serve with Urrest.

Finds Truth Through Inquiry, a Dornagain, can pull a confession fast. What Part of Budget Do You Not Understand. Answers Before Questions would recommend Alamber. Watches Over is another investigator in internal affairs. A Lie is a Bad Defense and Tell Me Again Until I Believe You aren’t used to the Silsviss.

Musselman’s is the bar owned by Paul Musselman, which the Strike Teams favor.

The Core is…

…the center of the governing Confederation, an alliance of the Elder, Mid, and Younger Races. The Sector Parliament is based at Nuh Nur. Tev Arack Sant, a.k.a., The Nest Secure. Representative Hurring, a Trun, is a Justice Minister. Dr Lushin is a bi-colored Trun linguist. SciRe Vin’tic is a Mictok astrophysicist. Chief Justice Genesvah is Niln. Lysentias, a political aide, is the biggest gossip. Lakshinz is a cousin and part of the research team working on the data sheet. Harlin Boz is the Admiral of the Fleet.

General Morris hates Torin Kerr. He’s the one who sent Torin to Silsviss. Captain di’Rearl Stedrin had been his aide. Lieutenant Jonnez is Morris’ current aide, a Krai. The Mu’tuv are especially badass Marines. Do NOT cross them.

Captain Carveg is still in command on the Berganitan which had flown Torin and Craig out when they first visited Big Yellow. Dal, Narilyn, Hasun, and Kamisu are part of the nest of di’Taykan onboard with whom Alamber takes up. Chief Warrant Officer di’Palik is Master of Arms. Commander Kahananui is the ship’s security officer.

Har’p is where the H’san embassy is. Clab’insto Arekog of Terabookog was in command of the Hsan ship at Big Yellow.

The Younger Races were…

…quick to use violence, and the Elder Races granted them — the Humans, di’Taykan (the most sexually indiscriminating species in known space), Silsviss (warlike dinosaurs), and Krai (tree-dwelling with all-encompassing appetites, i.e., they’ll eat absolutely anything, although they do consider Humans particularly tasty) — an early membership in exchange for their fighting an intergalactic war for them.

Cyr Tyroliz is a Silsviss Warlord. Ret is another honorific the Silsviss use. Cri Srah is Tyroliz’s 21C. Ser Ozborz will learn to pilot the Blue Robinasit, a.k.a., the Blue Bunny, which is the ship Torin takes to Big Yellow.

On the government observation platform, di’Murrin Keezo is the docking master. Tami Dezotto is his second. Blaylet is the ship Marie will pilot to get them there.

Mid Races were…

…not among the original members of the Confederation. Ravka are feathered beings with beaks and a stilted way of speaking — not because of the beaks, mind you — and give birth via eggs; the lizard-like Niln; and, then the Katrien who make me think of beavers.

Presit a Tur durValintrisy, a Katrien, is a famous reporter with Sector Central News and is now an independent investigative journalist and a big PITA, mostly famous because of the stories she covered of Torin Kerr. She’s now running for office. Dalan is her camera operator. Girstin, a Krai, is a low-level intern. Treist is Presit’s assistant.

The Dornagin with their excessively long names are in charge of all the paperwork as they just adore paperwork.

Harneer Arniz, a Niln, was one of the soil scientists on 33X73, a.k.a., Threxie.

The Elder Races…

…don’t fight, don’t innovate, and includes the H’san who love cheese, sing to welcome the dawn, and are the Eldest of the Elder Races — they also have a hidden stash of ancient weapons; the spider-like Micktok; and, the Slaink. They also make up the senior staff.

Seven Sta is…

…a training planet for the Strike Teams. Lieutenant Maaren is Planetary Law Enforcement. Ex-Navy Petty Officer Marilissa Kotas is the cook.

Humans First is…

…a hate group against all other species and funded by Per Anthony Marteau, ex-CEO of Marteau Industries and a weapon supplier to the military, who has taken over, outside the chain-of-command, as the innovator. He has a thing for pre-diaspora Human plastics. Commander Luiz Belcerio is the new commander of Humans First with experience in the corporate world of weapons manufacturing as well as a decade in the Corps. Kari Omondi is Belcerio’s second-in-command. Boomer McVale, a communications tech, doesn’t see a problem with passing messages. Humanity’s Freedom is their flagship. Olaf Janssen is on the bridge. The Liberty is another ship.

Tara Kalowski/Kalenski/Kanonski/Karpanski had been a Naval armaments officer — Marteau can never remember her name — and Madeline Laghari, a Marine explosives tech, are creating a weapon to kill the plastic. Dr Robert Banard is a disgusting biophysicist with plans for an Electron Beam welder. He’s been through rehab twice, and it still hasn’t taken. Dr Anika Shoke is a xeno-anthropologist who didn’t understand why Humans weren’t allowed to excel. She’s also the Lead XA on the Silsviss project. She’ll initiate plan Scale and Claw.

The Primacy is/was…

…the enemy and included the plastic aliens (Big Yellow) and the Druin and Polint military species. Qurn had been a Primacy agent. Big Yellow was defeated once, shutting down their disgusting social science experiment. Now the plastic aliens are back. Orange is the plastic data sheet.

“Analysis requires context. You provided context.”

Big Bill had been a pirate and Alamber’s criminal, cruel boss. Captain di’Inconicho Tal had been a recruiting officer on Paradise. Cothi Hurexical is a mine supervisor. Her people are being held hostage by PFC di’Valing Noshikin, a Marine. Staff Sergeant Beyhan. Sergeant Hollice had command of oldEarth idioms.

HE is a Hazardous Environment suit. Susumi space is a mathematical construct that causes ships to define their own reality; the plastic call it the inner way. A Susumi engine is one that helps you traverse through said space. Zir, zi, and ze are pronouns used by Truns. Harneer means doctor.

The Cover and Title

The cover has a background of grays: light gray skyscrapers with lighter gray light glinting off those buildings and a dark gray of holes and rebar in the street, a colorful orange and yellow flag flaring with light. In the foreground, Torin Kerr, in white tank and pale gray trousers, is glancing off to our right, as she holds a wounded grayed head in her lap, who is wearing loose toast brown trousers, an orange and yellow print shirt, and a darker brown jacket.

The title is tongue-in-cheek, for The Privilege of Peace doesn’t truly exist. Not in a world populated by people, whatever their race.

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  1. This sounds like a confusingly complex but awesomely well-developed universe! Tanya Huff has been on my radar for years, but I have yet to get around to reading anything she’s written, other than a short story or two.

    • Larkkkk! Ya gotta read her Confederation Universe (sci fi-military), her paranormal fantasies — Gale Women (confusing but fascinating) and Blood Books (Henry VIII’s bastard brother is a vampire who started in Toronto with Victoria Nelson (a detective), and the fantasy Keeper’s Chronicles and Quarters are all so good! You lucky, lady! All this bounty to look forward to *grin*

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