Book Review: “The New Kid” by Eileen Wilks

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Book Review: “The New Kid” by Eileen Wilks

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

"The New Kid" by Eileen Wilks
Series: World of the Lupi #0.1
Published by Author on September 1, 2013
Pages: 13
Format: PDF
Source: Author

Also in this series: Night Season

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A free short story, 0.1 in the World of the Lupi paranormal fantasy series, revolving around the eighteen-year-old Rule Turner, a young werewolf.

My Take

Nice. Very nice. I loved how Wilks explained the culture of the lupi and the training their wolf selves need to undergo to keep their secrets. Using Rule and his conflicting needs was fascinating, and his solution to his problem as well as the bullying situation was a treat, which definitely makes this a character-driven tale.

Sure there’s action, but it’s more of a psychological assessment.

It’s pretty funny hearing, in third person protagonist point-of-view from Rule’s perspective, about human taboos and customs about sex, the different cliques in high school, the hypocrisy of bad boys versus bad girls, etc.

It’s also a great introduction to Rule’s and Isen’s characters. I loved Isen’s assessment of Rule’s final choice…just what a father should encourage.

Something to keep in mind, “we sometimes learn more from failure than success”.

The Story

Rule wants, needs, to prove he can control his wolf by enrolling in high school. An experience that devolves into an inner battle between the wolf’s need to be dominant and Rule’s need to suppress it.

The Characters

Rule Turner, an eighteen-year-old werewolf teen, is Isen’s heir and a sophomore.

The Nokolai are…
…werewolves, thought of as Oddies in the human world, their nickname for what is believed to be a feminist cult called Od Dama (Croation for “of the Lady”). Home base is Clanhome. Isen Turner is Rule’s dad, and he’s also the Rho, the leader of this group of Nokolai. Benedict is Rule’s brother. Mason has some influence.

Hillcrest High School
Mrs Rogers (with the great legs) teaches American History; Mr Carlton is the judgy assistant principal.

Fellow students include the luscious Susan Welbourne, a cheerleader (who also likes Mrs Rogers’ legs); Alex (who is Nokolai); Andy; the gay Donny is the class clown; Harold, a.k.a. Runt; Pete, a.k.a. the Ox, is a bully, a jock, and a senior who thinks he’s still dating Sarah; and, Mike is Pete’s buddy.

The Cover and Title

The cover is all blue tones with the perspective of a high school hallway lined with lockers on the left, illuminated by fluorescent light panels on the ceiling that are reflected on a linoleum floor, and a pair of black doors at the end. The author’s name is in white and outlined in black at the very top. At the bottom, in small print is the series information in black with the title immediately below it in a gradation of blues dark to lighter.

The title is all about Rule, “The New Kid”.

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