Book Review: The Amish Midwife’s Courtship by Cheryl Williford

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Book Review: The Amish Midwife’s Courtship by Cheryl Williford

I received this book for free from a friend in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Amish Midwife's Courtship by Cheryl Williford
Genres: Inspirational Romance
Published by Love Inspired on May 24, 2016
Pages: 288
Format: Paperback
Source: a friend

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Second in the Pinecraft inspirational romance set in the Amish community in Pinecraft, Florida. The couple focus is on Molly Ziegler and Isaac Gruber.

My Take

I’m tellin’ ya right off…this story pissed me off from the start. I despised Molly’s mother and her attitude. As for her turnaround at the end, nope, too easy. So take this review with a grain of salt.

I do love this community. They’re so supportive — the perfect Adam Smith capitalist society, although Molly does keep me wondering. She’s so quickly abrasive and yet she jumps to help almost before she rips a piece off’a ya. And everyone else is a major contrast with Ulla. I don’t really count Samuel as he’s such a minor character.

Williford using the third-person omniscient point-of-view helps in keeping the reader apprised of what everyone is angry or worried about, although Williford kept Isaac’s secret for quite a while. An overblown secret in my opinion. I wanted to like Isaac, and most of me did, but I was surprised that he hadn’t done more due diligence before he bought the shop. I did like Molly. She had great strength of will and patience…and determination.

Romance-wise, it feels as if Williford was trying too hard to give this a twist and was too obvious. On the other hand, it does provide a nice bit of drama to the story with the twist of those lies Molly and Isaac are telling, as well as providing insight into the rules of the Amish community.

It’s sweet. It’s warm. And it will get your dander up.

The Story

Proud of being a successful midwife and earning her own way, the unwed Molly Ziegler is still subject to her mother’s demands. Selfish demands for which Molly refuses to sacrifice herself.

When newcomer Isaac Gruber shows up, he could be the answer to her prayers with a pretend courtship.

But that favor backfires spectacularly and might just lead them toward true love.

The Characters

Margaret “Molly” Ziegler is a midwife who works as a waitress AND slaves for her mother. The inconsiderate, tyrannical Mamm, Ulla Ziegler, runs a boarding house.

Isaac Graber had to leave home and has bought The Bike Pit from Leonard Lapp’s son in Pinecraft. His father is Old Order Amish and furious with his son. Thomas, a Mennonite, had been his best friend. Until that night. Rose is Isaac’s sister on rumspringa.

Mose Fischer, Molly’s brother-in-law when he had married Greta, Molly’s sister, owns a furniture store and Fischer Transport. Now he’s married to Sarah who will give birth to twins: Wilhelm and Rebecca. Beatrice and Mercy were Mose and Greta’s daughters. Levi is Mose’s son with Sarah. Wilhelm is his nephew. Bishop Otto Fischer and Theda are Mose’s parents. Heidi is one of Ruben‘s children, the bishop’s oldest son. Helen is another granddaughter. Kurt is Mose’s brother and is married to Marta. Fredrik works at the furniture store.

Samuel Bawell from Ohio is the man Ulla wants Molly to marry. He has money but hides his true self. Willa Mae owns the café where Molly works. Chicken John Schwarts is a chicken farmer and prankster interested in Ulla. Lalalu manages a motel.

Molly’s friends include…
Bretta, Molly’s best friend since school, is about to give birth to her seventh child and is married to Ralf. Ruth Lapp is married to Saul and lives in Ohio for half of the year. Rachel Lapp is about to marry Ralf Yoder while Belinda is also about to marry. Liesel Troyer.

Frieda Lapp had a baby girl, Rachel. Herr Zucker is a neighbor of the Zieglers’. Becky Esch has two marriageable daughters.

The Cover and Title

The cover has a base of blues and oranges with a bright orange-yellow sunset over a green park-like setting with a bust of Molly, her blonde hair escaping from under her white prayer kapp in her round-neck blue dress, floating over it. The title and author’s name are in white across her shoulders while the publisher’s name is in a bright blue script across the top over a narrow band of yellow-orange with a quick blurb.

The title is to the point, for this is The Amish Midwife’s Courtship.

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