Book Review: Sweet-Talking Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson

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Book Review: Sweet-Talking Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Sweet-Talking Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: The Buckskin Brotherhood #1
Genres: Western Romance
on February 7, 2020
Pages: 217
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves

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First in The Buckskin Brotherhood western romance series and revolving around the Buckskin Ranch. The couple focus is on Lucy Patterson and Matt Ramsey.

My Take

I do love these heartwarming stories. Matt’s start in life until compassionate people took him in, and Lucy’s fall from her hopes.

Those same people have taken in many over the years, helping them, supporting them. And when Lucy arrives after her wedding, she gets that same support in so many thoughtful ways.

It’s a dance, of sorts, between Lucy and Matt. She declared her love for him six years ago; he ran. Now they’re flirting with ideas and possibilities — dancing away, stepping forward. The challenge is maintaining that friendship without acting on their untold attractions. Ooh là là, the tension!

Thompson uses third person dual protagonist point-of-view from Lucy’s and Matt’s perspectives, so we get to hear all their fears and desires.

Poor Leo. The girl was only interested in sex. Lol, I do love the brouhaha when Matt gets a “fancy” haircut. The effect it has on the other boys is a crack-up.

I love Matt’s ambition. He’s more interested in doing what he loves than in working a sure thing. Poor Lucy, is doing the opposite.

Ohh, Orville’s comment about each person having a unique gift is so very true. And I wanna cry . . . it’s true that feeding your soul is necessary.

Sweet-Talking Cowboy has a moderate pace — mostly because the whiny angst between Lucy and Matt made me nuts. There was too much of that. But this story is definitely a buy for how amazing it is.

It’s not so much about action, as it is about exploring the past and how it relates to now.

The Story

It’s a disaster, and Lucy is so lucky to have made that reservation at the Buckskin Ranch, a place of many happy memories. And the support that Lucy is not expecting.

What would Charley do?

The Characters

Lucy Patterson stopped coming to the Buckskin six years ago. Now she works for an L.A. ad agency and hasn’t drawn in years. Brianna had been her best friend and roommate. Kurt is the lying jerk.

Matt Ramsey, ahem, Mr I specialize in sperm, has been working at the Buckskin for the past eleven years. Betsy was his old truck. He bought Thunderbolt last year; he’s already stood to stud to Penny and Sassafras.

The Buckskin Ranch is . . .
. . . a combination of breeding operation and guest ranch. Henrietta “Henri” Fox, a former professor in animal science at Purdue, is the owner. Charley is her deceased husband. Seth is their son who just got married to Zoe. Lucy had sketched a drawing of Charley and Henri on King and Prince, a gelding buck. The divorced Kate is the cook. Millie Jones is helping out with the waitressing. Jake Lassiter cooks for the hands. Other hands include CJ, the movie-star gorgeous Leo, Rafe, and Nick; they consider themselves the Buckskin Brotherhood. The horses include Lucky Ducky, Aristotle is Henri’s favorite, Guinevere (Aristotle’s dam) is a wonderful brood mare, and Jasmine is a sweet bay. Guests include Don and Suzie Jefferson from Iowa.

You could pick apples at the Apple Grove. I think maybe Apple Grove is the city? Hiram owns the Apple Barrel that sells the apples. Orville hangs out by the stove giving advice. Aspen Grove General is the hospital. Albert is about the only ride-sharing service. Candace Aronson has been a “buddy” with Matt. The Choosy Moose is the local bar and is owned by Ben Malone — he’s got a crush on Henri. Gertie’s Fountain is a diner with a family tradition; Sarah is the current Gertie’s real name. Scamp had been a family kitten. The Denim Junction is a clothing store. Logan’s, which sells leather goods and handmade saddles, is run by Jared now. Beth owns the Racy Lace Boutique, and it’s just what it sounds like, *hubba, hubba*. John is the local barber. Jerry is the new guy at the auto parts store. He’s . . . boring. Merlin is a goof.

The Babes on Buckskins are . . .
. . . a group of Henri’s friends who love to ride and embrace environmental causes. They include Miss Josette (Pierre is her horse) who co-owns the salon, Très Beau, with Eva; Peggy, who has taken up Lucy’s habit of mis-matched socks (she rides Dust Devil); Pam runs a painting crew (and rides Latte); Anastasia “Red” (she rides Caramel); and, the eighty-five-year-old Edna, a.k.a. “Ed”, who’s a famous barrel rider (Muffin is a sixteen-year-old veteran). Teague is Edna’s ranch hand. Ron is Peggy’s husband; Lee, a fireman, is Pam’s.

That new haircut is having an effect with Candace, Mary Jane, and Shannon.

Zane McGavin, Seth’s cousin, founded Raptors Rise in Eagle’s Nest (A Cowboy’s Strength, The McGavin Brothers 1).

Jennifer is the person with whom Lucy has an interview. It’s also where Lucy has her aha moment.

The Cover and Title

The cover has a gorgeous Matt, in his sheepskin jacket and green plaid flannel shirt, tipping his deep brown hat to us. In the background is a V of mountains with Matt centered between them with a dawn sky of pale, pale pink and a deep teal. At Matt’s right elbow is Thunderbolt behind a wood fence, churning up the snow into a dust that rises up in front of Matt to his waist. The title starts just above Matt’s waist in that same deep teal. The series information is just below it. Below that is the author’s name in an embossed-looking gold. Below that is an info blurb in teal.

The title is all about a Sweet-Talking Cowboy who has such compassion.

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