Book Review: Shattered Legacy by Lora Leigh

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Book Review: Shattered Legacy by Lora Leigh

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Shattered Legacy by Lora Leigh
Genres: History, Erotic Romance
Published by Ellora's Cave on September 21, 2005
Pages: 314
Format: eBook
Source: the library

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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First in the Legacies historical paranormal erotic romance series and revolving around four sisters and four Warriors of the Guardians destined to unite in order to defeat the dark forces. It’s set in A.D. 1040.

My Take

“Shattered Legacy” starts with more of a sense of history and a touch of magic that quickly evolves into an excuse for the erotic, as Leigh introduces us to the sisters and their intended Warriors…she’s also very melodramatic in characterizations of her primary characters. Whew. It’s a dramatic monomythic rush to the start with plenty of tease as Leigh strings out what the sisters and Warriors’ fates will be.

Using third-person omniscient, Leigh dribbles in enough of the backstory so that we know, for the most part, what’s led up to this point — Derek’s own origin memories are in conflict. It takes concentration and some backtracking to figure out what’s going on — and yet more confusion in the epilogue.

We don’t know if Galen is on the side of the Warriors or not. It is fair, though, as the Warriors are having their own suspicions about the Guardians.

I did LOVE the “sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose” law Arianne laid down on Joshua. Hey, it’s only fair…lol…

The epilogue is an interesting “finish”. It’s an introduction to the start of the second story, Shadowed Legacy. I can’t decide if it’s simply consistent in being as confusing as previous bits in this story or if it’s intended to be a cliffhanger.

The Story

The battle has raged long and hard, and the moment has come — Chantel knows the possible future and what must be done and endured in order for good to triumph over evil. It’s a decision that she balances against the consuming passion and undying love she finds with her own destiny.

Still, the Fates of her sisters and the Warriors they are destined for must be faced, even as deceit and betrayal whirl up into a vortex of events that will tear them asunder.

The Characters

England and France, A.D. 1040

Chantel, who has the power of foretelling, Ariel, Caitlin, and Arriane (her grandfather is Jonar) are half-sisters, each with a different mother with Galen as their father. Each holds a power of earth: Earth Crystal is the focus of the power that is controlled by Wind, Water, and Fire, each power held by one of the sisters, respectively.

Galen is a wizard who holds the key to salvation. Alya is a servant within the castle. Mary is a seamstress in the village. The slutty (servants in the castle call her the Castle Mare) Antea of Oxboro is Chantel’s lookalike half-sister and of Guardian birth, daughter of Konar and Muriel, who has been given refuge and protection in Galen’s castle. Aaron is a brilliant tactician and one of Galen’s knights.

The Shadow Warriors, Warriors of the Guardians, were…
…once human and are now immortal with powers who gave their loyalty to King Harold of England. Sir Devlin “The Shadow” leads the men. Duncan will be his squire. Derek, a prince sold by his family into slavery, is intended for Caitlin; he has the power of complete mind control. Shanar is a large blond Viking with the power of strength, who bonds with Ariel.

Joshua, a.k.a., Pagan or Demon or the Mystic whose real name is Joshau and whose mother had been of Guardian birth, is fated to be with Arriane, and he despises her more than you can imagine. His gift is the psychic ability to probe people and places. His mistress is Marissa, Lady Denning, who brings his bastard son, Micah. Kathleen is Micah’s nurse. Kanna is the woman who raised these Warriors when they were still children. Barak is another Warrior.

David was a young squire sent with a message to Sir Devlin. His cruel lord had been Sir Dewitt Garrison.

The Seekers are…
…evil, seeking power in order to enslave the world. Jonar, Black Terror of the Guardians, is their leader, exiled to this world, with The Fortress as his base. Shalene was his nutjob daughter, Arriane’s mother, who intended to sacrifice Arriane. Oberon is a psychopath and Jonar’s second. Manden leads a small band to Galen’s castle.

The Damned is a religion. Some of them sought refuge with Galen and still practice it, without Galen’s knowledge.


Michael Ducaine is Chantel’s father and head of the elite Terrorist Control Agency. James is her brother. Blackthorne is the terrorist organization headed up by Jonar.

The Guardians are…
…gods from the stars who have given chosen humans the power to kill off evil. Konar is the leader of the Guardians.

The Mother is Mother Earth and Chantel’s mentor. The Mother Stone was broken into four pieces and the sisters each hold a piece.

The Cover and Title

The cover is bright with, I’m guessing, a hooded Devlin, his face making up the background with a lilac haze over him, staring with sad eyes at a naked Chantel, hunched in profile, her long golden red hair thrown forward, hugging her knees, as a yellow light flames up and around her. The author’s name is at the top in a red-to-yellow vertical gradient. The title is large in turquoise shadowed in black at the bottom with the series information above it in yellow with a black outline.

The title is a misnomer, for it’s not a “Shattered Legacy”, but the start of one.

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