Book Review: Schmuck the Buck: Santa’s Jewish Reindeer by EXO Books

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Book Review: Schmuck the Buck: Santa’s Jewish Reindeer by EXO Books

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Schmuck the Buck: Santa's Jewish Reindeer by EXO Books
Genres: Humorous, Satire
Published by Exo Books LLC on September 1, 2018
Pages: 60
Format: eARC

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Illustrator: Karina Shor

A satirical adult picture book about a Jewish reindeer who is picked on just as Rudolph was back in the day.

This eARC was sent to me by EXO Books LLC for an honest review.

My Take

I love it! Sure the older kids will probably enjoy it too, but I suspect the adults will get more of a kick out of the more adult-oriented humor. EXO certainly does put some spin on this tale, for not only is the hero reindeer Jewish, but Santa and Mrs Claus, the very hot looking Mrs Claus, are Black.

The rhyming pattern is very well done and subtle with a third person point-of-view.

The graphics are a crack-up. That first image with the “gang” of reindeer with their beers and smokes, one wearing a leather jacket while poor Schmuck sits alone with his briefcase and sandwich, oh boy, *grin*. When the story gets to grandma’s house in Boca…well, I can just see it…oy vey!

It’s pretty typical high school meanness with a very adult approach to solving the crisis. And quite the technologically current “save” too, lol.

Okay, yeah, it ends the way you’d expect, but there was something too abrupt about it. With all the fun EXO had with this more intellectual adult humor, I expected more of a twist for that ending.

The Story

It’s hard to be different. To not quite fit in. When those bullies attack, it’s the same ol’, same ol’, with all the other kids piling it on.

It takes some years, but Larry the Schmuck manages to get his own back!

The Characters

Larry is a Jewish reindeer who gets stuck with the moniker, Schmuck. Bubby Rose is their reindeer grandma in Boca.

Aisha is Larry’s boss. Shirley is in HR. Santa and Mrs Claus.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a bright red with the text in a golden yellow. The title is in the upper third while the subtitle is below the round graphic with its golden frame, and a cartoon reindeer inside (with a white background).

The title is all about the main character, Schmuck the Buck: Santa’s Jewish Reindeer.

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4 responses to “Book Review: Schmuck the Buck: Santa’s Jewish Reindeer by EXO Books

    • The Jewish aspect is mostly a distraction, making Larry distinct from most of the reindeer. It is fun, and definitely a different twist on how you see the North Pole, lol.

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