Book Review: Safe in His Arms by Melanie D. Snitker

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Book Review: Safe in His Arms by Melanie D. Snitker

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Safe in His Arms by Melanie D. Snitker
Genres: Inspirational Romance
Published by Dallionz Media LLC on September 2020
Pages: 195
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves

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First in the Life Unexpected Christian cozy romance series and revolving around three people who have come together in Quintin, Texas. The couple focus is on the terrified Anna Henderson and the successful Joel Ash.

Go pick this up now while Safe in His Arms is still free!

My Take

It’s all about survival and the family you make. I love that Joel, Chess, and Brooke are so close and so supportive of each other. Pulling together and living in their own home. Approaching a new stage of growth.

We learn this and more through Snitker’s use of third person dual protagonist point-of-view from Anna’s and Joel’s perspectives.

Anna is so independent, even if she is almost too stubborn for her own good *grin*. I am loving how matter-of-fact she is about her car and saving up for an apartment. But she does make me crazy with her obstinance about telling Joel about Liam. I can sort of understand Anna not wanting Joel to know of the potential trouble coming her way, but I got the impression that she’s more worried that he’ll be judgmental towards her??

Anna is careful. She doesn’t trust anyone, in either direction. And yet, she is pulled toward Joel. It’s a pull that conflicts me. I do wish she’d get on with it, but I have to remember Anna’s own past and her fears.

I do like Joel’s attitude toward his employees: keep them happy and customers will be happy. It’s a way of thinking that translates over to Anna, as he’s quickly protective of her as well as his own people.

That Paul is such a jerk. Brooke is lucky that she has such supportive friends. Especially with that move she’s contemplating.

It’s a great blend of psychology and action with tension in both areas and characters about whom I want to know more. It does make me want to read Someone to Trust, 2.

Not overly religious, It’s a soft and cozy read that will make you feel good.

The Story

Anna Henderson is guilty of one thing: trusting the wrong man. Now she’s on the run, seeking a town where she can hide. Find a job. Save up for an apartment for herself and Epic. Build a new life. She hopes.

Lucky for Anna, no one knows more about second chances than Joel Ash. Battling his past, Joel has become a successful restaurateur, compassionate enough to want to help others.

But when Anna’s past catches up with her, both their lives are thrown into turmoil. His only thought is to protect Anna, and their possible future together, at any cost.

The Characters

Anastasia “Anna” Henderson is on the run from Utah with Epic, her Great Pyrenees dog. She was raised by her grandparents until her grandfather died when she was fifteen; her grandmother at seventeen. She’s been on her own ever since.

Joel Ash, a victim of foster care, hates people screaming at each other. Brooke, a hairdresser, is one of Joel’s housemates. Chess is another housemate, a software engineer who works in Dallas most days.

Quintin, Texas
The 50s-style J’s Parkview Diner is owned by Joel. Sam quit last week. Courtney and Adam, one of the managers, are part of his crew.

Liam Graff is Anna’s ex-boyfriend, starting up an advertising agency in Utah. Callie was a coworker at the agency. Rick is a private detective who owes Liam.

Paul has been dating Brooke. The Ziegler family was Joel’s last placement and where he met Brooke. Dr Terrance is Anna’s attending.

The Cover and Title

The cover is warm in its browns. Anna, with her shoulder-length, wavy and dark honey blonde hair, is in a cream cable sweater and Joel, with his short dark brown hair and dark button-down, are in profile with Anna’s manicured hands cupping his face, noses side by side, smiles on their faces. At the very top is an info blurb in white with the author’s name immediately below it (and above Anna’s and Joel’s heads). The title, in white, starts just below Anna’s shoulder. The series information is at the very bottom in white.

The title is where Anna will be, Safe in His Arms.

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