Book Review: Rolling Like Thunder by Vicki Lewis Thompson

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Book Review: Rolling Like Thunder by Vicki Lewis Thompson

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Rolling Like Thunder by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: , Sons of Chance
Genres: Romance
Published by Harlequin on August 1, 2015
Pages: 224
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Third in the Thunder Mountain Brotherhood romance series (intersecting with the Sons of Chance series) and revolving around the three foster boys who became fast friends. The couple focus is on Finn O’Roarke and Chelsea Trask.

This ARC was sent to me by NetGalley and Harlequin Blaze for an honest review.

My Take

This is a sweet, simple story with a believable conflict, and Thompson pulls you right in emotionally with Herb and Rosie’s problem and Finn’s unwanted desires.

I do adore Thompson’s Sons of Chance series, and this installment of the Thunder Mountain Brotherhood simply proves that she keeps on rolling out those cozy romances that make you feel so good. The conflicts are real, and the supportive characters are people you’d want to know.

While Thompson does put a bit of a twist on the I-can’t-be-with-you trope, it was an irritating one with Finn protesting too much. Why Finn thinks it can only turn out one way is beyond me. It does reinforce how sad his attitude makes Chelsea.

As for that Alison, well, I agree with Chelsea. She didn’t deserve what she took from Finn.

Jack and Josie stepped in (and up, lol) to “refine” Finn’s and Chelsea’s dancing. Yep, Jack insisted on dancing with Finn *more laughter* while Josie is dancing with Chels. That’s not the only collaboration between Josie and Finn, either. They do have beer in common, and I suspect Thompson will make use of it for further Thunder Mountain Brotherhood / Sons of Chance conjunctions.

Mmmm, who knew cowboy skills translated into undressing skills, lol.

I do love that the Chances are business-like, but in a fun way, and very supportive of each other. It’s a stark contrast with Finn’s need to control every detail of his brewery.

Oh, boy. Thompson gives us all this feel-good cheer with a few conflicts: raising money for Rosie and Herb’s ranch and Chelsea and Finn’s non-relationship. Then she drops the big one. My heart just broke, and I had to start reading faster to find out if/when it was resolved. I so wanted a happy ending!

The Story

All work and no play makes Finn a dull cowboy. Since his divorce, Finn O’Roarke has put all of his time into his Seattle-based microbrewery, unaware that back in Wyoming, his foster parents are on the verge of ruin. Now Finn and his foster brothers are trying to save Thunder Mountain Ranch and only one woman can help them turn it all around.

Marketing guru Chelsea Trask has had a thing for the gorgeous brewer for ages. When they work together at Thunder Mountain Ranch, however, she starts to see Finn’s cowboy side. And it’s irresistibly hot. Best of all, the attraction that’s been sizzling beneath the surface has erupted in some very sexy situations. But is Chelsea falling for the real Finn…or for the cowboy he used to be?

The Characters

Finn O’Roarke is a microbrewer in Seattle: O’Roarke’s Brewhouse. Alison is his ex-wife. Brad is his brewery assistant. Jeff is his most experienced bartender. Roger is his not-quite-ready substitute.

Chelsea Trask is a PR and marketing whiz secretly in love with Finn. Her mom and dad are college professors: psychology and economics. Beth is her sister.

Thunder Mountain Ranch is where…
…the thirteen-year-old Finn landed after his grandfather died. His foster parents, Herb, a retired veterinarian, and Rosie Padgett run a ranch in Wyoming for homeless boys. A new program, Thunder Mountain Academy, is a residential equine education program for teens. Ben Radcliffe teaches saddlemaking (A Last Chance Christmas, 17). Navarre and Isabeau are a couple of their horses. Ty Slater is a former foster child and their legal consultant.

Cade Gallagher is one of Finn’s best friends and recently learned he’s a Chance cousin. Lexi is his girlfriend, and Ringo is his cat. Damon Harrison is the third of the Thunder Mountain Brotherhood. Philomena “Phil” Turner is a carpenter and Damon’s girlfriend.

Last Chance Ranch in Jackson Hole
Some of the Sons are in the promotional calendar for the Thunder Mountain Academy and includes Jack Chance sitting on his horse, Bandit (he’s married to Josie); Nick Chance is Dominique‘s husband (she’s a photographer), and they have a teenage son, Lester, whom they adopted; and, Gabe who is married to Morgan.

Sarah Chance is the matriarch married to Pete Beckett. Cassidy is Morgan’s younger sister and the ranch housekeeper who babysits the grandkids. Alex, Josie’s brother, is married to Tyler, who’s Morgan’s sister.

Lily is a computer genius married to Regan O’Connelli, Nick’s veterinarian partner. She also runs an equine rescue operation, Peaceful Kingdom (Riding High, 14). Harley and Wilbur are their potbellied pigs.

Trey Wheeler (also does the vocals) and Watkins are cowboy wranglers at Last Chance who happen to be popular guitar players as well.

The Bunk and Grub is a B&B run by Pam Mulholland who’s married to Emmet, the Chance Ranch foreman; Yvonne works for her. Spirits and Spurs is Josie Chance‘s bar to which Finn shipped samples of his beer.

The Cover and Title

The cover shows off a half-naked cowboy in a white hat atop a white horse, one elbow resting on the saddle horn, and leaning forward as he looks off into the distance.

The title is the Kickstarter campaign and the ranch supporters as they’re Rolling Like Thunder promoting the ranch’s purpose for foster kids and the new riding program.

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