Book Review: Reckless Road by Christine Feehan

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Book Review: Reckless Road by Christine Feehan

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Reckless Road by Christine Feehan
Published by Berkley Books on February 9, 2021
Pages: 480
Format: eBook
Source: the library

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Fifth in the Torpedo Ink paranormal romance series revolving around a close-knit motorcycle club. The couple focus is on Player and Zyah. (Torpedo Ink is a spin-off from Sea Haven ((SH)) and Sisters of the Heart ((SoH)), eighteenth and eleventh, respectively.)

My Take

I’m either getting used to Feehan’s melodrama or it’s not as overt in Reckless Road. There doesn’t feel as if there’s as much emphasis on the sex either. Oh, there’s still plenty but not as overwhelming as previous stories. And the horrific abuse the MC members suffered as children is still here with Feehan using it to bolster the primary cast of characters’ need of and support for each other.

I love that these tough, scary-looking men are so supportive and helpful. They’re working at Alena’s restaurant, stocking and providing security to the grocery store, watching over the vulnerable. And Player, he’s so sweet once he gets over his idiotic response to his first night with Zyah. He’s constantly thinking of her and yet paying attention to all that’s around him.

The points-of-view are primarily third person dual from Player’s and Zyah’s perspective, but Feehan does throw in some perspectives from the gang members.

Player’s story arc is his perception as not having value to the club. Talk about insecure… Feehan also annoys with all sorts of references to how dangerous his illusions are, but never follows through on how. Eventually we do learn how Player’s gift for illusion was used for entertainment. All part of his past history. At least there is some “nice” in their childhood. Geez.

Player’s interaction with Hannah started so shakily and then progressed so sweetly. I did have to laugh at Jonas’ reaction to Hannah’s lessons, even though it made no sense for him to be so possessive. I got to wondering if Player’s awkwardness with Hannah is a reflection of his actions with Zyah. It is consistent with Feehan’s background for all the members.

Part of the conflict between Player and Zyah was how helpful her gift is in keeping him healthy. I sure can’t blame Zyah for her suspicions!

So, the primary action in Reckless Road is Player’s and Zyah’s whinging, the sex between them, and the overt reason for the story. Of course, Feehan made good use of the robberies and beatings to pull the two together…sure does play on the concerns of the MC, *grin*.

The Story

Plagued by self-doubt and killing migraines…as well as his dangerous illusions, Player finds respite in the attentions of the woman he scorned.

The Characters

Zyah Ganal (and her grandmother) have the ability to feel a connection to others, helping them through their dance or the sound of their voices. Zyah left a well-paying job to help her grandmother, Mama Anat Ganal. Zyah’s parents, grandfather, Horus, and Uncle Amir were killed at sea. Amara had been Mama Anat’s daughter, Zyah’s mother, and Ken, Zyah’s father. Dwayne River is wooing Mama Anat.

Gedeon “Player” Lazaroff is a member of Torpedo Ink with a skill at crafting illusions with his mind. He, Master, Maestro, and Keys own a construction company together and create unique pieces of furniture.

Torpedo Ink is…
…a motorcycle club that has put down roots in Caspar, California. A close-knit group raised together since childhood, they’ve weathered incredible tortures and abuses. Czar is their leader/president and married to Blythe, the mother hen to the club (Bound Together, 6 (SoH)). She’s also a cousin of the Drake sisters. Darby is Czar and Blythe’s oldest adopted daughter, and she’s working at Alena’s restaurant as a waitress. More of their kids include Kenny and Benito. Code is their computer genius. Transporter and Mechanic are brothers who keep the club’s vehicles in order via the garage they opened. Maestro works with Mechanic on their special gadgets. Master will become the new treasurer as Code is overworked. Absinthe is married to Scarlet, sex kitten and lethal assassin, who helps Absinthe with those cruel triggers (Desolation Road, 4). Demyan had been Absinthe’s older brother. Reaper is one of their enforcers and married to Anya (Judgment Road, 1). Savage, Reaper’s brother, has some major issues. Lana has the gift of comfort and may have found her purpose. Alena “Torch” has a gift for fire and a natural instinct for useful plans. She also has her successful restaurant, which she opened in Vendetta Road, 3. Ice, a fine jeweler and the club secretary, is married to Soleil, a wealthy woman in her own right who paints and prefers to cook for her man (Vendetta Road), and Storm, twins, are Alena’s brothers. Preacher, Lana’s brother, has an affinity for potions. Steele is their resident doctor able to perform psychic surgery and the vice-president of Torpedo Ink; he’s married to Breezy (Vengeance Road, 2). Axle and Keys are additional members. Destroyer is a recent member with loner issues. His sister, Calina, doesn’t appear to have survived their childhood. Their father should have been strangled at birth. Glitch, a master at finishing off plates, and Fatei are prospects.

Lissa, who’s married to Casimir Prakenskii, does beautiful handblown glass and metalwork (Fire Bound, SoH 5).

Heidi is a waitress at Torpedo Ink’s clubhouse. Bannister is a bar patron, biker, and friend. Delia Swanson, Breezy’s former boss, had a diner in New Mexico that she had intended to sell…until it was burned down. Braxton had been her husband.

Caspar, California, is…
…where Torpedo Ink has settled. Inez and Frank Nelson own a grocery store in Sea Haven and have gone into partnership with Torpedo Ink in a grocery store in Caspar.

Lizz Johnson, an old friend of Mama Anat’s, has a spoiled shark of a granddaughter, Francine Winters. Marie Darden has a sister, Jane. I think Jack had been Marie’s husband. Chiffon, Talia and Lars Barber, and Beatrice Golden are more customers. A firefighter, EMT, and single father is interested in Darby. Casey Pheldman, a master woodcrafter, had owned Player’s house. There’s a Red Hat Society in Caspar. Perry Randall is a spoiled “boy”. Lucy Bellmont is another local.

Victims include Mama Anat, Benjamin and Phillis Gamble, Gabe and Harmony Gleason who own a gift shop in Sea Haven, Gray Randall and his wife, and Lauren and Sean Barbery. Terrie Frankle is a traveling physical therapist.

Law enforcement
Deputy Jackson Deveau is married to Elle Drake (Hidden Currents, SH 7). Sheriff Jonas Harrington is married to Hannah Drake (Safe Harbor, SH 5), who has opened The Floating Hat, a combination tea and body products shop. There are references to the Drakes as a whole with a brief mention of Joely and Ilya (Turbulent Sea, SH 6) as well as the women from Sisters of the Heart.

Rampage is a motorcycle club that wants to join Torpedo Ink. Trinity has recently joined them. Pierce is an enforcer for the powerful Diamondbacks.

Lester Gibbons is a partner. Charlie is part of his team.

Sorbacov ran…
…training schools in Russia that were more of a cover for his need to destroy his enemies and torture and rape children.

Past victims include Uri and Irina who had given Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Player. François Marcellus Sanchez lives in France.

The Ghosts are a criminal gang who see themselves as ghosts because they think no one knows who they are (Judgment Road). The Swords are an enemy motorcycle club trying to track down Breezy. Bridges had been her father; Junk her brother (Vengeance Road). Jerri is an old lady in the MC.

The Cover and Title

The cover is dark with purple the predominant color, tinging the long-haired, bearded, and mustached Player sitting on his Harley and looking off to the left at some distant point. Behind him are more men on bikes, fading off into the gray and peach foggy distance. An info blurb, in a pale lilac, begins just above the halfway point with an iced and embossed author’s name below it in white. Just below that is the series info in yellow with the title in a blue and white gradation.

The title is the Reckless Road that Player has traveled for so long.

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