Book Review: Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts

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Book Review: Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts
Genres: Apocalyptic, Fantasy
on December 4, 2018
Pages: 453
Format: Hardcover
Source: the library

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Also by this author: Shadow Spell, The Perfect Hope, Year One

Second in the Chronicles of the One apocalyptic fantasy series that is more for Young Adult readers and switching between the community of New Hope and Lana’s life on the farm. It begins in Year Four and continues through Year Sixteen.

My Take

It’s still a cozy apocalypse interspersed with battle, betrayal, and love. A tale of family and honor, of good versus evil, using third person global subjective point-of-view with multiple perspectives.

I do adore life on the farm and their self-sufficiency. The love they share amongst each other. Simon’s support for Max as Fallon’s dad. It’s what family should be. Of course, I do get a kick out of the individual magics they have.

Hmmm, then there’s Mallick coping with a teen who thinks she’s all that, lol. It’s a time of growth in so many ways for Fallon, and Roberts includes the actions and tribulations of the people in New Hope, gradually bringing them together.

The negatives include the insta-something between Fallon and Duncan and the ease with which Fallon recruits her army as well as the simplicity of their battles. Minor notes well offset by the moral lessons Roberts includes.

The Story

They look like an everyday family living an ordinary life. But beyond the edges of this peaceful farm, unimaginable forces of light and dark have been unleashed, hunting those whose gifts were released by the Doom.

It’s Fallon’s Fate that she will make the world whole again, once she completes her training with Mallick.

The Characters

The farm is…
…where Fallon Swift, The One, the Savior, grows up, with Simon Swift, a former captain in the army, as her dad and Max Fallon as her sire. Lana Bingham is her mother, and she and Simon have three sons as well: Colin, Travis, and Ethan. The dogs include Jem and Scout. Their horses include Pixie, Thunder, and Grace, Fallon’s horse.

Darlie Wertz took in two boys, Charlie and Paul. Macon Addams was hit by Purity Warriors. Maddie Bates of Sisters Farm had escaped the Warriors.

Mallick, a sorcerer, has been waiting for The One since the 600s. Gwydion is his horse. Fallon’s quests include Taibhse, a white owl; Faol Ban, a white wolf; and, Laoch, a white alicorn, a unicorn with wings.

Mick is fae and Fallon’s friend. Thomas is Mick’s father and an elf leader. Others in his community include Bagger; Twila; Orleana, who had been a French exchange student; Minh, who is her husband and had been a soldier; Jojo, who can find anything; Gregory is a wolf shifter; Darla is Gregory’s mother but not an Uncanny; and, Old Ned.

New Hope has evolved…
…with Katie MacLeod Parsoni as mayor. Her children include Antonia “Tonia” and Duncan (twins) and Hannah, a healer. Dr Rachel Hopman and Jonah Vorhies are together and man the medical clinic.

Arlys Reid was a journalist in the times before and continues to be one. Little Fred is a fairy spreading light and happiness and had been Arlys’ colleague. Now she’s married to Eddie Clawson. Joe is Eddie’s constant canine companion. Fred and Eddie have five children including Max, Angel, Dillon, and Willow. Chuck is another of Arlys’ friends, a technical and computer genius who lives in a basement with his toys. Bill Anderson, a childhood neighbor of Arlys’, runs Bygones, a resource for repaired, salvaged products. His son, Will, is married to Arlys and is a town deputy. They have a son, Theo William Anderson.

Aaron is an elf who is a deputy and a yoga instructor. Marlene is the town planner. Fred, Selina, and Kevin are among those attempting to create a tropical climate. Holden Masterson lost a garage. I think LeRoy is both wizard and cook. Maggie is one of the heads for the mobilization forces. Clarice is continuing as a beautician. Flynn is an elf and Lupa is his wolf whom we first met in Year One, 1, Connor, Starr, and Steve are part of the rescue teams. More residents include Bryar, Kato, Magna is a lazy elf, Trot, Shelley is Cass’ friend, Barkly, Suzanne, and Miranda. Anne, an elf, and Marla raise sheep and llamas, weaving blankets and sweaters. Loony Lenny needs to be locked up occasionally. Deborah Harniss is a shifter who used to be a JAG lawyer in the USMC.

Denzel, a shapeshifting panther, is Duncan’s best friend and desperately wants to go on missions. Greg is Denzel’s brother. Duncan runs through the ladies including Cass and Fawn. Kim (she chairs the holistic group) and Poe are together, part of the group who met at Shaun’s house in the Alleghenies, part of the group who survived Eric and Allegra. April, a fairy, is another of Tonia’s friends. The rescued include the shapeshifting Garrett who is Marshall’s brother.

A village in the mountains
Mae Pickett is the de facto leader. Sarah is a healer. Pete and Tim are kids. Others along the way include Troy, the brutal John Little, and Boris.

The peace lovers are…
…led by the devout madman, Javier Martinez, who saw the light…and misinterpreted it. Gabriel; Esme and Jerome who run away; Miranda; Mina and her son, Elijah; Clarence was shunned for being a faerie; and, Petra were rescued from Javier’s camp.

The Purity Warriors are…
…a religious group of hateful bigots led by the Reverend Jeremiah White who preaches destruction of the Uncanny…even as he employs those Dark Uncanny, the Raiders, and others as his thugs. Former residents of New Hope who had led the Massacre in Year One include Kurt Rove, the new chancellor, and Don and Lou Mercer. Patrick is the prisoner who confessed.

Eric is Max’s brother, and he’s with Allegra. Both are Dark Uncannys. The Raiders are vicious gangs who take joy in destroying and torturing.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, is…
…where an Uncanny prison is located. Colonel David Charles Pickett was its commanding officer. Sergeant Roland Hardgrove was part of Operation Roundup. Some of their prisoners include Janis who grew wings. Dr Abraham Burnbaum and his only surviving grandson, Little Abe, tried to escape. Brody had been one of the “scientists”. Think Nazi experimenters.

Just like anyone, the Uncanny come in Dark and Light. The Doom was a virus born of magic that killed most of the world.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a gradation of golden yellow to deepest red with oranges in the middle that encompasses a circular and intricate Celtic knot. A crow’s feather is in front of it with its tip aflame. At the top is an info blurb in black with the author’s name in white just below it and a stylized NR to the left in red. The series information is in black just under the name. Across the feather is the title in white.

The title speaks of the unity of family, Of Blood and Bone.

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