Book Review: Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan

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Book Review: Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Oceans of Fire by Christine Feehan
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Published by Berkley Books on May 31, 2005
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
Source: the library

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Second in the Drake Sisters (Sea Haven) paranormal romance series and revolving around seven sisters with psychic and magical abilities. The story is based in a small town in northern California. The couple focus is on Abbey Drake and Aleksandr Volstov.

My Take

Oceans of Fire continues to fulfill the series arc of the Drake family prophecy, one the seven sisters are desperate to avoid. Abbey’s character arc must reconcile her with her gift. And after her “adventures” in Russia…I dunno…

Feehan uses third person dual protagonist point-of-view from Abbey’s and Aleksandr’s perspectives. It’s the back-and-forth that tells that Aleksandr really. Screwed. Up. Big time. It is gonna take a huge leap for him to fix this. It doesn’t help that Abbey refuses to face up to her own issues.

She did drive me crazy with all her whining — admittedly with good reason — but she refused to hear some of her own thoughts. Oy.

I do love sea glass, and Feehan has a bit that explains the sea glass in Oceans of Fire, a nice bit making beauty out of trash.

There’s a fascinating back history with Aunt Carol that reveals unexpected news about Old Man Mars.

There is plenty of action that’s character-driven. Between the sisters and their powers, Harrington’s quarrels with Aleksandr, and the bad guys, you cannot be bored! And I suspect Prakenskii’s appearance is a bit of foreshadowing.

The Story

It’s been four years since Aleksandr first saw Abbey, since she ran from him. She’s not getting away this time.

If only she’ll listen to his side of her capture.

The Characters

Dr Abigail “Abbey” Drake is the third of seven sisters, each gifted with a talent — Abbey has a connection with water and dolphins and travels the world studying them; she also has perfect pitch. And she has to constantly remember to never say truth.

Sarah is the oldest of the sisters and works as a security operative. She got engaged to Damon Wilder, a brilliant scientist, in Magic in the Wind, 1. The mischievous yet incredibly shy Hannah is a supermodel with control of the wind. Elle is the youngest sister, the one destined to have seven daughters, who holds all their gifts. Kate is a famous author who brings peace to those in need; she got engaged to Matt in Twilight Before Christmas, 2. Joley is a rock star, aided by her spell singing. Libby is a doctor who works in third world countries with her healing powers. Aunt Carol is a free spirit who works as a Creative Memories consultant, is a member of the Red Hat Club, and believes in seizing life. Jefferson had been her husband, gone five years now. Aunt Blythe had had Hannah’s talent.

Aleksandr “Sasha” Volstov, a former spy then policeman, is now an Interpol agent. Andre Danilov had been his partner.

Abbey’s dolphins
A local pod has a signature whistle to call Abby to them. One of them, Boscoe, has a tight relationship with Kiwi.

Sea Haven, California, is…
…a small town near Sea Lion Cove on the Pacific coast. The bossy Jonas Harrington, the sheriff, has known the girls since childhood. Jackson Deveau is one of his deputies. Inez Nelson owns the local grocery store and runs the town. Donald Nelson had been her husband who’s been gone for five years now. Frank Warner is an artist with a gallery, been there ten years now, who does a lot of fundraisers. Reginald “Old Man” Mars runs the fruit stand.

Gene Dockins and his three sons, including Jeff (he owns the gas station and is happily married) and Jeremy, run a fishing business out of Noyo Harbor. Marsha is his wife. One of his boats is the Treasure Chest captained by John Fergus. Tim Robbins likes to fish at Noyo.

Sylvia Fredrickson flirts with everyone. Made Hannah so angry, she put a curse on her that only Sylvia can remove. Mason Fredrickson is her now ex-husband. Anita Monroe. Tommy Lofton. Irene Madison has a son, Drew, who is dying of cancer. Matt’s brother Danny is engaged to Trudy Garret. The Caspar Inn is all about music and dancing. Gina Farley runs the local preschool. Patty Granger loves to dance. Ned Farmer is an accountant with a lot of money and property; he has part shares in a boat with Warner and Inez. Lance Parker does roofing. Chad Kingman works for Warner in the back room. Clyde Darden and his wife feel damned. Lucinda Parker is the black magic queen in Point Arena.

Sergei Nitkin is a broker, the violent, mafia-type who has employed Chernyshev and Ilya Prakenskii who has a reputation with his own unique talents but despises terrorists. He’d grown up and trained with Aleksandr.

Leonid Ignatev, a corrupt former policeman in Moscow, has ties to various terrorist groups.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a combination of reds and greens. The luscious Abbey’s face looks out at us with her red hair blowing to the right. Below her is a swath of green, forming the background for the author’s name in yellow, the series info immediately below in white with the title immediately following in a thinner yellow. The bottom third are tumultuous ocean waves battering the rocky shore in a blend of sunset orange, greens, and white crests.

The title is a blend of Abbey’s gifts and the attraction between her and Aleksandr in Oceans of Fire.

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