Book Review: “Rock Courtship Memo”s by Nalini Singh

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Book Review: “Rock Courtship Memo”s by Nalini Singh

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

"Rock Courtship Memo"s by Nalini Singh
Genres: Cozy Romance
Published by Author on 2014
Pages: 3
Format: PDF
Source: Author

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Two free shorty short stories in the Rock Kiss cozy romance series, revolving around an American rock ‘n roll band. The couple focus is on David Rivera and Thera Asara and takes place in the second half of Rock Courtship, 1.5.

Reasons Why I Should Not Have to Appear on the Next Episode of MZ Talk“, 1.75
Reasons You Will Appear on MZ Talk“, 1.8

My Take

This memo exchange is too funny and typifies Thea’s and David’s courting.

In “Reasons Why I Should Not Have to Appear on the Next Episode of MZ Talk” David lays out his arguments, and he has some good ones that include the fact that he does not ever take his shirt off, that the host of the show is an idiot which could impact David’s abilities, and how much more time he’ll have to fulfill his fantasies. About Thea.

In “Reasons You Will Appear on MZ Talk” Thea rebuts every argument. Poor David. She does make some very good points…

It’s all in their heads, so to speak, since they’re exchanging memos and naturally this means it’s in first person protagonist point-of-view in each memo and totally character-driven.

And if you want to blame someone, blame Molly.

The Story

The boys in this band are all about the music, writing and performing. But not performing for talk shows or doing publicity. Anything but that…

The Characters

Thea Arsana is a hardcore publicist who has contracted with Schoolboy Choir. She’s also David’s target.

David Rivera is the hot “Gentleman of Rock” drummer for Schoolboy Choir, which also includes Zachary Fox as the lead singer, Noah as the guitarist, and Abe as the keyboard player.

MZ Talk is…
…a highly rated talk show with a host who has a lousy sense of humor.

The Title

The title is an exchange of “Rock Courtship Memo”s.

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