Book Review: Legend of the Jade Dragon by Yasmine Galenorn

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Book Review: Legend of the Jade Dragon by Yasmine GalenornLegend of the Jade Dragon by Yasmine Galenorn
Genres: Paranormal Fantasy
Published by Nightqueen Enterprises LLC on October 19, 2016
Pages: 292
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves

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Second in the Chintz ‘n China paranormal fantasy series revolving around a psychic who owns a tea room and her family. It’s set in Washington state.

My Take

I seem to be cuddling up to the cozy stories these last few books, and this was a sweet one, as it combines a newly divorced psychic mom and her new business — and she has a strict way with her kids. We get to listen in via first person protagonist point-of-view from Em’s perspective. Sure wish more parents would be as careful as Em!

Galenorn is setting us up with a cast of characters with issues galore, and she continues her habit of creating characters to whom you want to warm up. Well, okay. Not Andrew. Galenorn portrayed Andrew as such an insensitive jerk, which made it all the more incomprehensible that it took Emerald SO long to break up with him! I mean, why would she put up with all his crap??!! Of course, Em does make me rather nuts as well. She whines on about Andrew (when it’s so obvious she needs to move on), and then the scene with the school nurse..! Em goes so far off the deep end that I’m thinking maybe this is a different character…since it’s so out of character for her. As for her vacillations over Joe…oy! If Em can’t make up her mind, I’ll take him!

That was a tricky bit with the dragon. Clever and scary.

Annnnd another writer who doesn’t know the difference between whopping and whupping. I’m suspecting that all those Faberge eggs that were stolen were not, ahem, the real thing.

Huh. White Deer was right, and Em has to face up to a big negative. A good lesson for her and for Jimbo. I suspect it was the primary theme for Legend of the Jade Dragon and an opportunity for both characters to grow. It was cute how Jimbo’s growth came about, *snicker* Them psychics, you know.

Despite being the second in the series, I didn’t feel the lack of not having read the first book, Ghost of a Chance, and in spite of my complaints, this was a fun story.

The Story

Tarot cards seldom lie. So when they predict chaos and bad luck for her last client of the day, Emerald gets more than a little worried. Especially when he leaves behind a charming jade statue of a dragon — but promptly dies in a hit-and-run accident outside of her shop.

When other terrible things begin to plague Em and her family, the only explanation is the jade dragon.

To thwart its evil spell, she’ll have to follow a trail of heartache all the way back to China’s Ming Dynasty — and its ancient, sometimes harsh — life.

The Characters

Emerald “Em” O’Brien has psychic abilities which she uses to great affect giving tarot readings to clients in her shop, the Chintz ’n China Tea Room. Kip and the astronomy-obsessed Miranda are her brilliant children. Samantha is their cat and has had kittens: Nebula, Noël, and Nigel. Nanna was the grandmother who taught Emerald how to use her powers. Grandma Grady had been the opposite of Nanna. Rose is Em’s sister.

Andrew is Em’s current boyfriend and a writer. He’s James’ best friend, and Harlow is the one who introduced them. Joe Files is a captain of the medic rescue unit with his own ambitions of being Em’s boyfriend. Roy is that ex-husband who tries to get out of child support and seems to forget he even has kids. He’s now married to the petty and selfish Tyra.

Chiqetaw, Washington, is…
…where the tea room is located. Lana and Cinnamon are Em’s staff. Customers include Mrs. Halcyon Maxwell who is president of the Psychic Occult Society of Rachel, Mabel Jones, Farrah Warnoff, and Lydia Johnson.

The newly minted (and Em’s best friend) Detective Anna Murray is having problems on the job. Sid and Nancy are Anna’s pet boas. White Deer is Murray’s aunt and a native healer. Charley and the stubborn Lila are Anna’s parents. Harley is Anna’s alcoholic brother.

Harlow, a former super model, is a pregnant friend of Em’s who is stuck in a wheelchair until she recovers. Hannah is her amazing mother-in-law. James is Harlow’s photographer husband off on a safari shoot in Africa. Professor Abrams is Harlow’s new boss. Mary Sanders is a friend of Harlow’s and an expert on art in the Ming dynasty.

Ida Trask, a retired schoolteacher, is a great babysitter, a friend, and aunt to Oliver Hoffman, an art history major who went to jail. Ida’s son teaches English in Japan. Caroline was Oliver’s mother and Ida’s sister. Desdemona is a friend of Ida’s with some problems.

Horvald Ledbetter is obsessed with his garden and a neighbor of Em’s. His wife, Ruthie, had loved her garden.

The police include the prejudiced Coughlan who is Murray’s immediate supervisor and the head of detectives. Tad Bonner is the chief of police who doesn’t think Murray can hack it. Officers Deacon Wilson and Greg Douglas are on the case. Sandy Whitmeyer is part of the forensic team. Heinz is a hard-nosed judge.

James “Jimbo” Warren gets drunk too often and has a horrible past. One that includes multiple assault charges. Gats was a drifter.

Doc Adams is the O’Briens’ family doctor; Tissy is his receptionist. Cathy Sutton is a PITA local reporter. The snarky Jack Sullivan is her co-anchor. Royal is a cameraman. Mr. Hodges operates a jewelry and estate store across the street from the tea shop. Skies & Scopes is an astronomer’s dream shop. The Brown Bear Bar & Grill is a family diner owned by Douglas Roberts and his wife. Alicia is a waitress there. Safety Tech is the best security monitoring company in town. Marvin Eyrland owns a glass company down the street from the tea room. David is an all-around general handyman. Bobby is a friend of Joe’s. Mr. Johnson is an insurance agent. Mr. Conner is a banker. Don Patterson is a locksmith.

Kip attends Lincoln Elementary. Vonda is the school nurse. Sly and Tony don’t want to be friends with Kip anymore. Another friend, Tommy Parker, broke his leg. Lori becomes a good friend of Miranda’s; her parents are snooty lawyers.

Daniel Barrington is the end of his line. Harcourt Barrington, his father, was murdered by a mental patient, Cheever Douglas. Dierdre is his damned sister. Molly was their mother. Marissa Barrington was Daniel’s wife; they had twin boys, Charles and Daniel, Jr. Terrance Barrington had been Daniel’s grandfather and an amateur archeologist. Harcourt’s other brothers were Trenton and Charles. Ian Landers was a farmer.

Maxis Studio wants to option Andrews’ book, The Mistress of Peachtree Manor. Zia Danes is a rising starlet. Marjorie is the receptionist at Tyler’s Resort, a camp resort. Cedric Anderson had been in prison.

Susan Mitchell was the ghost who put Em on the map, so to speak. Walter Mitchell and his mother, Eunice Addison, have promised Em some china. Jimmy Salver had been the high school bad boy in Em’s time.

In China during…
…the Ming dynasty when Emperor Wan-Li rules, Huang Fu, an artist, was a naughty boy.

The Cover and Title

The cover has a dark background of what appears to be the inside of an old wooden shed with a calico cat (I’m guessing it’s Samantha), a tall cream teapot, and a cheery looking, grassy green dragon holding a glowing green ball, emanating stra-n-n-ge vapors…bwa-ha-ha…in one of its claws. The author’s name spans the top of the cover in white in a serif font with the publisher’s logo to the right while the title is in a white script at the bottom. The series information (in black) is in a disappearing band of bright green while an info blurb in white nestles between the first and last name of the author.

The title is the object the tale revolves around, the Legend of the Jade Dragon.

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