Book Review: Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn

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Book Review: Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn
Genres: Cozy, Paranormal, Mystery
Published by Nightqueen Enterprises LLC on October 11, 2016
Pages: 354
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

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First in the Chintz ‘n China cozy paranormal mystery series and revolving around Emerald O’Brien in Chiqetaw, Washington, where Christmas is approaching.

This eBook was sent to me by Nightqueen Enterprises, LLC for an honest review.

My Take

Definitely a cozy tale with a family you’ll love. Well, except for their “ex”-dad. What a jerk?!!

The story is told in first person protagonist point-of-view from Em’s perspective. She is a stern mom, insisting on manners and consideration for others…while she is also lenient in what she hopes for, for her children.

It’s an introduction to the concept of the series, that of a single mom doing her best to raise her children well and cope with her own psychic abilities. Love interests are introduced, creating slight conflicts. More conflict is the information Emerald imparts about her jerk of an ex.

I do love the kids. They’re smart, snarky, helpful…and kids with all their lack of thought.

I enjoyed the pace and the easygoing prose…although there were a few bits where I had to track back and/or re-read to figure out who was what. Of course all those red herrings Galenorn spread throughout the story made that twist at the end a pip.

It’s a fun tale that is both character- and action-driven that I couldn’t help but enjoy.

The Story

That ghost that appeared in Em’s bedroom may be inspiring a new business for Emerald: Spooks-R-Us. It’s a cryptic message Susan Mitchell passes, and the reputation Walter has only cements its truth for Emerald.

Now if she can prove it to the cops…

The Characters

The two-years divorced Emerald “Em” O’Brien runs a tea shop and gives readings to her clients. Miranda, a.k.a., Randa, her daughter, is a computer whiz and loves astronomy and is desperate to go to Space Camp. Mr Sanders is her teddy bear. Eight-year-old Kipling “Kip“, her son, has the gift as well. Sly is his best friend and a little con artist. Samantha and and her kittens — Nebula, Nöel, and Nigel — have been recently acquired. Nanna is her grandmother who taught her how to use her psychic abilities. Nappa is the grandfather who died in the old country. Rose is Emerald’s baby sister. Grandma McGrady is Em’s critical paternal grandmother.

Roy O’Brien is her jerk of an ex-husband who refused to give up the family cat, Fluto. His parents aren’t that interested in their grandchildren.

The Chintz ‘n China Tea Room is…
…Emerald’s place where she sells and sources fine china; serves tea, cookies, and lunch; and, reads the tarot. One of her waitresses, Cinnamon, has three kids and lives with her mother since her boyfriend is in jail. A friend of Cinnamon’s, Lana, is a new hire. Nancy Reynolds, the sisters Farrah Warnoff and Sheila Smythe, Frieda Halston, and Bette Thompson are some of Emerald’s customers.

Harlow Rainmark, a former model, is Em’s best friend who runs Harlow’s Gym and is a primary sponsor of the town’s theater group. James, a photographer, is the childhood sweetheart whom Harlow married.

Detective Anna Murray is another friend and the niece of a medicine woman, White Deer — yep, Murray accepts the supernatural. Sid, a seven-foot red-tailed boa, and Nancy, a three-foot, nasty-tempered emerald tree boa, are Murray’s pets.

Andrew Martinez is a local writer who wrote a play, Obsidian, to be performed by the Chiqetaw Players. He also writes romances under the name Andrea Martin. Jenny Dillon‘s mom is one of the players, and Ned Cantrell plays the lead. Liam is tutoring Randa in English. Joni is a friend of Randa’s. Karri Banks, a librarian, was one of Susan’s closest friends. Cathy Sutton is an overly bright reporter. Western State Hospital is a nuthouse. Mrs Gardner likes making spaghetti. Another ghost is the regretful Fiona Lynch.

Captain Joe Files, Lopez, and Whitman are paramedics. Joe has an Aunt Margaret, a retired county clerk, who is another of Em’s tea room clients. Officers Nelson and Leary are investigating a death. Officer Dowling is at the jail.

Emerald’s neighbors include the retired Ida Trask who pinch hits as a babysitter and Horvald Ledbetter who keeps up the gardens his wife planted. The Schroeder boy may shovel Em’s walkway.

Susan Mitchell had been a romance writer living in Chiqetaw and is now a ghost. That scumbag Walter is her husband, and there’s Susan’s estranged daughter, Diana Mitchell, who lives in Seattle and works in a bookstore. Bernard Addison had been Walter’s stepfather, married to Eunice, Walter’s mother, and the dangerous Joshua Addison his stepbrother. Mae Tailor is the Mitchell housekeeper. Dr Johansen was the family physician. Toby Gilmore is Walter’s assistant.

The Cover and Title

The cover is clever with its seemingly steaming teapot on which Susan Mitchell’s face is imposed, golden ectoplasm swirling around the royal blue teapot. Blue glass ornaments studded with golden snowflakes snug in on the left of the teapot. Behind it is Samantha, a calico cat wearing a collar with mistletoe and her name tag. To Sam’s left is a much-used gold candle, a blue smoke twirling in the air. In the background is a gorgeous winter scene as viewed through the muntin’d window. The author’s name is in royal blue at the very top with an info blurb between first and last name. The title is at the very bottom in white. Below that is a narrow band of pale yellow fading off at the sides and providing the series information in black.

The title is what Susan Mitchell is asking for, a Ghost of a Chance.

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6 responses to “Book Review: Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn

  1. I do love cozy paranormal mysteries and have read a couple of Yasmine Galenorn’s fantasy books before. I think I will have to check this out. X

    • Hi Laura, in all the series I’ve read of Galenorn’s so far, her characters are good. However, I’d skip her Indigo Court one (starts out good and goes downhill from there), her Otherworld series is one I do enjoy although Galenorn is uneven from book to book, from what I can remember of her Lily Bound series, I think I enjoyed them all. This series, Chintz ‘n China, is the most normal world of her paranormals, and is definitely a cozy one.

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