Book Review: “George and Jack in School” by Ilona Andrews

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Book Review: “George and Jack in School” by Ilona Andrews

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

"George and Jack in School" by Ilona Andrews
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Author on November 20, 2015
Pages: 5
Format: PDF
Source: Author

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A free short story, 2.1, in the The Edge suspenseful paranormal romance series revolving around Edgers. The focus is on George and Jack Drayton Camarine.

“George and Jack in School” is listed as 1.1 in the series, and the boys are adopted at the end of On the Edge, 1, but Lark doesn’t come to Adrianglia until the end of events in Bayou Moon, 2.

My Take

It’s bullying and bigotry, which hides an insecurity in the bullies. As for the bullies’ hypocrisy, oy!

Unfortunately for Jack, he’s been warned — no fighting, no unusual behavior.

Maybe there was something to this nonchalant thing after all.

Andrews’ uses third person protagonist point-of-view from Jack’s perspective, so we hear his thoughts and know his emotions. It also demonstrates Jack’s confidence in himself and his annoyance with school — something to which a lot of kids can relate, lol.

While there is some action, it’s mostly character-driven as we learn a lot about the loyalty of these brothers, as well as to Rose and Declan.

I thought the story went too fast — I wanted more!

The Story

Jack squinted at three boys blocking the hallway. His History class was on the second floor. He was on the third. He had to walk past the three guys to get to the stairway leading down.

The middle one, a tall dark-haired kid had that half-scared, half-pissed off look on his face that usually signaled a fight. Being well-behaved while fighting would prove to be very difficult.

The Characters

Jack Drayton Camarine, a lynx changeling, and his brother, George, a necromancer, have a sister, Rose, who married Declan, Lord Camarine and the Marshal of the Southern Provinces, who has adopted the boys (On the Edge) and now they live in Adrianglia. Regulus is a manticore George reanimated.

Gaston, part thaos and cousin to the Mars, is Urow‘s son cast-off for a mistake in Bayou Moon who was “given” to William Wolf. Gaston drives the Mirror’s wyvern.

Lark, a.k.a. Sophie Mars, Cerise‘s sister, thinks she’s a monster.

Classmates include . . .
. . . Rodward Grayson, whose uncle is the rude Earl Grayson of Summerick. Bosner is Rodward’s upperclassman cousin with a bright blue flash, almost white.

The Mirror is the spy organization for the kingdom of Adrianglia.

The Title

The title is a short incident about “George and Jack in School”.

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