Book Review: Enthralled by Lora Leigh

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Book Review: Enthralled by Lora Leigh

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Enthralled by Lora Leigh
Series: , , , Breeds #28,
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Steampunk
on July 2, 2013
Pages: 458
Format: Paperback
Source: the library

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Also in this series: Dawn's Awakening

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An anthology of four short stories revolving around the theme of enthrallment with the power to hold you spellbound, to captivate your senses, and to keep you forever in their control…I think the theme refers to the authors…

DISCLAIMER: Two of the stories have character lists, only because I do follow these series and like to know who did what, where, when, and with whom.


“The Devil’s Due” (Breeds, 28, Wolf Breeds, 10)
“The Curse of the Black Swan” (League of the Black Swan, 1.5)
“Salvage” ( The Iron Seas, 3.5)
“Ecstasy Under the Moon” (Children of the Moon, 3.5)

The Stories

Lora Leigh’s “The Devil’s Due” is…

…about bigotry and fear with the horrors of what Europe requires of those who are different. But mostly it’s rampant whining. Oh, doesn’t she know how much I want her and oh, no, he’s going to kill me. In between Katie’s whining about being killed, she’s whining about how much she wants Devil. Oh, man. Skip this one.

The Characters

Mary Katherine “Katie” O’Sullivan is the baby rescued and now 16. Barrett O’Sullivan, the assistant chief constable of Northern Ireland and Katie’s father, was part of the team to rescue a baby from Hell. Kella is her mother. Katie’s grandfather, Walter O’Sullivan, was one of the most notorious lab overseers in Europe. Jorn Langer is the best friend who uncovered the secrets. Khileen is his five-year-old daughter. Jessica is his wife.

Reever Ranch is…
…home base for Lobo Reever‘s Wolf security team. Jessica married Lobo. Tiberian is Lobo’s younger brother and the negotiator. Graeme, a Lion Breed, is one of the men. Lilith is a submissive Wolf and Lobo’s personal assistant.

Devil Black is the Breed who is sent after Breeds marked to die; he’s one of Lobo’s most trusted men.

The Bureau of Breed Affairs is…
…based in Virginia. Callan Lyons is the Feline Breed Pride leader. Jonas Wyatt is the director of the bureau. Wolfe Gunnar and Dash Sinclair are Wolf Breed Pack leaders, Del-Rey Delgado is the Coyote Breed Pack leader, and Dylan Killato is the European Wolf Pack leader. Flint McCain is a driver.

Cassandra Sinclair is Dash’s daughter, a tri-species: Human, Wolf, and Coyote. She’s also the Breeds’ highest legal advisor. Dante Vanderale is the hybrid Breed offspring of the First Leo.

The Breed Protection Network
Gilliam Finneghea is a former special forces and UN undercover intelligence officer who now runs the center.

Douglas is Katie’s ex- jerk of a fiancé. President Marion is head of the U.S. government.

Alyssa Day’s “The Curse of the Black Swan” is…

…a play on the cursed-swan fairy tale and reminded me of Emma Holly’s Hidden series with its small town vibe. Two protagonists who hide their true supernatural selves for different reasons, and yet both are such sweethearts.

Meljean Brook’s “Salvage” was…

…my favorite in the anthology. I do love Brook’s The Iron Seas series! In this one, miscommunication is the issue, and Brook took her time, trailing clues and hints along the way as to Georgiana and Thom’s marital issues. It drove me nuts, and I wished I could yell at the two of them. By the end…I absolutely melted. It’s amazing how some authors can create an entire story from start to finish in so few pages, and you’ll love how Georgiana and Thom grow in this.

The Characters

Eight years ago, Captain Henry Tucker of the Sea Bloom (Georgiana’s dad) hired the iron-armed Big Thom, a refugee from the Horde in London, as his new chief mate. Jane Tucker had been his long-waiting wife. Georgiana Tucker married Thom and turned into her mother, waiting. Now Thom has his own airship, the Oriana. Marta is the day maid. Doctor Rasmussen is the very pessimistic doctor.

“Lord Pinchpenny” Southampton has been searching for years. The dishonorable Mr. Blade and the practical Mrs. Winch are mercenaries.

Ivy Blacksmith is famous for the quality of her work. Mad Machen is obsessed with Ivy. Lady Corsair needed a lockbox. Archimedes Fox was the one told Thom about the treasure.

Lucy Monroe’s “Ecstasy Under the Moon” had…

…a unique take on Pictish history and the events take place in 1144 in the Highlands of Scotland and involve a peace-loving warrior. Which was an absolute treat. I didn’t care for Una’s character that much. More of the I’m-so-stupid tropes. And Monroe’s writing was somewhat juvenile.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read any of Monroe’s Children of the Moon books, and I do not recall Picts, er, the Chrechte, in any of the stories. That I read.

The Cover and Title

The cover is DARK with a silver mesh of diamonds and two vignettes: a wolf howling in front of an earthy full moon and standing on a ground of deep turquoise with an informational blurb and another of a man staring down at his hands which are transforming into a wolf’s paws. The primary author’s name is in turquoise and outlined in a metallic silver with the rest of the authors in the silver. The title is also embossed and all turquoise.

The title is the fate of the protagonists in each story, for they are each Enthralled.

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7 responses to “Book Review: Enthralled by Lora Leigh

  1. This book was a waste and had nothing to with lobos and khileens love story. I searched and searched for their book and it kept bringing me back to Enthralled. Such a disappointment

    • Stephanie, I do feel your pain. It’s so irritating when you can’t find the story you’re looking for. Worse, when you think you might have found it…there’s all this whining…!

  2. Melissa

    I have really liked or loved every Breed novel (and I have read them all). Each is different and unique, but at the same time there is a consistency about them. With that said, there has been so much build up between Lobo and Khi, its killing waiting on their book. I hope it will be a full novel and not a short story or I will be extremely disappointed.

  3. Brenda Silas

    Your Comment Here… It’s so frustrating, I kept on searching for khileen and lobo story but it kept taking me to Enthralled. by the way the story am looking for is not there

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