Book Review: Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh

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Book Review: Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dawn's Awakening by Lora Leigh
Series: Breeds,
Genres: Paranormal
Published by Berkley on February 5, 2008
Pages: 283
Format: eBook
Source: the library

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Eleventh in the overall Breeds paranormal romance series and eighth in the Feline Breeds subseries revolving around genetically altered Breeds with animal DNA — and the humans who arouse their lust. The couple focus is on Dawn Daniels and Seth Lawrence.

If you’re interested, there is a partial chronological listing of the Breeds books on my website.

My Take

Lots of revelations in this one, and Dawn has one heckuva character arc to hurdle. Phew. Sure, I understand how her incredibly horrible background has hurt her so badly, made her so insecure, but Callan is also right. Dawn and her fellow females need to expand and “learn to work with the male members of this community”. Yep, it’ll be tough. Dawn has a humongous chip on her shoulder, and her attitude is reasonable. But growth is essential. For anyone.

The overt story conflict is the threat by some board members of Lawrence Industries to pull funding from the Breeds. The relationship conflict is between Dawn and Seth. Dawn is so angry and conflicted over what she wants. But she’s not the only one suffering, and she’s not being fair taking it out on Seth, who is also suffering. How Dawn doesn’t realize this is confusing.

Then there was the interference. Yeah, the men meant well, but they were wrong. When Dawn discovers that betrayal, she is beyond enraged. And who can blame her! Who would want anyone seeing the brutality visited upon them, especially to someone who mattered?

It’s melodramatic, and I do get annoyed at Dawn’s histrionics. She’s so unrealistic. She’s run from Seth for ten years, and then she suddenly expects him to fall at her feet? I don’t think so.

Leigh primarily uses a third person dual protagonist point-of-view from Dawn’s and Seth’s perspectives. It is melodramatic, and I do get annoyed with Dawn’s character. She’s acting so entitled! Cassie’s perspective is also incorporated with plenty of those prophetic thoughts that can drive anyone crazy with their mystery.

Hmm, the mystery character spying on the island with all those musings sounds like foreshadowing…for Cassie’s future mate??

There’s action with the threat of assassination made real with murder, but primarily a psychological battle for Dawn…yeah, and for Seth. Cassie has her own frustration with her father’s overly protective nature now that she’s getting older and attracting attention.

All this dancing around between Seth and Dawn. Him trying to do the right thing. Dawn trying to get past her earlier years. Oy…and so true to real life.

The Story

The board meeting is an excuse for a two-week-long house party on Seth’s island. And there’s a threat to Seth, Dawn, and Sanctuary.

Dawn has been battling the mating heat caused when Seth touched her those ten years ago. Suddenly faced with his leaving her, Dawn intends to battle for what she sees as her right for him to continue to suffer.

Seth has also struggled against the mating heat and is beginning to win this battle. It’s been so long and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. He wants children. He wants a future…

The Characters

Dawn Daniels, a Cougar Breed; her brother is Callan. She’s also an Enforcer in command of a team.

Seth Lawrence, ex-Special Forces, is the head of Lawrence Industries (LI). He took over from his father, Aaron, when it was discovered that he was helping to fund the Council. Roni Andrews is his half-sister carrying twins. She’s mated to Taber Williams, a Jaguar Breed (The Man Within (Feline Breeds, 2), 2). Caroline Carrington has some qualifications to become Seth’s wife: young enough to have children, socially adept, and an asset in business contacts. Richard is Seth’s house steward on the island.

The Breeds were…
…created in the labs and subjected to the most horrific treatment. Now, Sanctuary in Buffalo Gap, Virginia, is the Breeds’ home base.

Callan Lyons, a Council-trained assassin, is the pride leader, a Lion Breed. He’s mated to Merinus Tyler (Tempting the Beast (Feline Breeds, 1), 1). They have a son, the eleven-year-old David. Kane Tyler is a human, Merinus’ brother, and the head of Sanctuary security. He’s mated to Sherra, another member of Callan’s pride (Kiss of Heat (Feline Breeds, 3), 4).

Jonas Wyatt is a Lion Breed who’d been an Enforcer and is now the director of Sanctuary. Dr Elyiana “Ely” Morrey is their physician. Other Breeds include the flirtatious Styx, a Scottish Wolf Breed who adores chocolate; Stygian Black is a Wolf Breed; Flint McCain; the contrary and stubborn Mercury Warrant is really a softie; Lawe Justice; Rule Breaker; Moira Calhoun is an Irish Lioness Breed; Byron is a shooter; and, Noble Chavin is a not-too-social Jaguar.

Dayan had been Callan’s, Sherra’s, and Dawn’s pride brother, a betrayer (Tempting the Beast).

Haven is…
…the Wolf Breed compound in Colorado, also working to establish itself as a viable corporation. Wolf/Wolfe Gunnar is mated to Hope (Primal Heat: “Wolfe’s Hope” (Wolf Breeds, 1), 8.5). The eighteen-year-old Cassie Walker, a hybrid Breed — Wolf, Coyote, and human — who sees the future, has been accepted into Harvard. Her abilities and genetic makeup have made her a target from the get-go. Commander Dash Sinclair, a Wolf Breed, is her father; Elizabeth is Cassie’s human mother (Elizabeth’s Wolf, 3). Kenton is Cassie’s nine-year-old brother.

Dane Vanderale represents Vanderdale Industries and is one of the Breeds’ major supporters. He’s also undercover for his father, the first Leo, and his mate whom he had stolen from the Council, is Elizabeth Forteniare. And Callan’s father. Ryan “Rye” Desalvo is Dane’s bodyguard and friend.

Mating heat is a Breed physiological response to the fated meeting of a Breed and his/her mate.

Guests at the “House Party”
…are primarily board members for Lawrence Industries and their families. Many of them had supported the Genetics Council. Jason Phelps Uncle Brian is the owner of a large import/export business refinanced by LI, who had been a friend of Aaron Lawrence’s. Andrew Bryer is one of Seth’s allies. Timothy Foreman, the CEO of Foreman Motors which supplies vehicles to Sanctuary, is questioning their continued support of the Breeds. Patience Foreman, his daughter, is quite snotty. The threatening Marion Carrington is Caroline’s father and heads up Carrier Resources. A major supporter of the Council, Theodore Valere owns a majority of Spain’s pharmaceutical companies. Craig Bartel, one of Seth’s allies, is aware of his wife’s, the insulting Lillian’s, issues. Benjamin is interested in Cassie.

The Genetics Council is still…
…experimenting with genetics, impregnating women they believe will produce good samples, using animal DNA to change the babies’ genetic makeup. They have no qualms about torture; rape; painful experiments on aware children to measure pain, strength, and neural synapses; cages enabling constant observation; nudity; and, autopsies on live subjects.

Detective Bryan Ison is in Council pay with no real interest in justice for the Breeds. Dr Montaya is one of the Genetics Council who will operate on Callan.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a bright fuchsia gradating to purple in the middle with an odd blend of Dawn’s cougar head blending into Seth’s reclining body. There’s an info blurb at the very top in a pale yellow. The author’s name is immediately below it in a deeper yellow. At the bottom is the title in the same yellow. Immediately below that is the series info on the right in the pale yellow.

The title is a forecast by Cassie, of Dawn’s Awakening.

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