Book Review: Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan

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Book Review: Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Published by Berkley Books on June 27, 2006
Pages: 384
Format: eBook
Source: the library

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Fourth in the Drake Sisters (Sea Haven) paranormal romance series and revolving around seven sisters carrying on the family psychic lineage in Sea Haven, California. The couple focus is on Dr Libby Drake and scientist Dr Tyson Derrick.

My Take

The blow-by-blow of how a helicopter rescue crew operates was fascinating. So very careful. This explanation is part of the third person dual protagonist point-of-view coming from Tyson’s and Libby’s perspectives.

Hearing of Tyson’s childhood was so moving, making me want to cry for him. Feehan is very good at conveying his secret hurts. What is with parents??

Tyson is so convinced that the Drakes’ magic abilities are part of a long-term con. Ya can’t blame him for thinking this. He is a scientist who requires logic, and magic is simply not part of most people’s lives. Well, not those of people in real life… And with his inability to understand social nuances, he blunders all over the place. Yeah, it was rather funny.

We’ve been getting subtle hints from the start about Hannah and Jonas. For the first time we get an overt foreshadowing of how Hannah really feels about him.

I do love that Tyson finally sees the true strength of the Drakes, and it’s part of what I love about the Drake Sisters series, all that love, acceptance, and support.

There are number of niggles in Dangerous Tides. Libby’s secret obsession with Tyson is totally weird, as is Tyson’s with Libby. I dunno, maybe that’s how it works with brilliant people. Why do some of the people in Sea Haven believe the Drakes are publicity seekers? Okay. Some of them are famous, using their talents, but how does that translate into the entire family? Has anyone of these naysayers observed them pumping for publicity in Sea Haven? What has Tyson observed of their so-called grifting?

For all that Sam loves Tyson and supports him, he sure is a Debbie Downer and so incredibly rude. Why? Why is a marketing guy telling a scientist what he can and cannot do? Now, if he was an accountant…’cause we all “know” they know all about science…*eye roll*… Why are Harry and Fields invading Tyson and Sam’s house?

It’s sweet that Libby wants to be a “bad girl”. But it seems too opportune, and I wish Feehan had made this more realistic. Added to that is that Libby really doesn’t want it. Her character simply won’t allow it.

Action-wise? Oh, yeah. There’s plenty, and it seems more separate from the characters than previous stories. Sure the Drakes’ characters definitely play into the action, but it’s more reaction than cause.

The Story

The sensible Dr Libby Drake is antsy, wanting to break out of her staid existence. It’ll take a near-death experience to kickstart that new direction, as well as Libby’s long-secret fascination for Dr Tyson Derrick.

A pull that’s echoed, also secretly, by Ty, determined to have Libby for his own.

The Characters

Dr Libby Drake works for the CDC…and at the local hospital. Somehow. Her gift is healing.

The rest of the Drake sisters include Sarah Drake, with her gifts of physical abilities and intuition, works as a security consultant. It’s how she meet Dr Damon Wilder, a brilliant scientist (Magic in the Wind, 1). Kate Drake can heal psychic damage, calm with a word, and is a bestselling author of mysteries. She met Matt Granite, a builder in Twilight Before Christmas, 2. Dr Abigail Drake, a marine biologist, can compel the truth and focuses on studying dolphins. She met Aleksandr Volstov in Oceans of Fire, 3. The shy Hannah Drake controls wind, air, and water with some healing abilities and is world famous as a supermodel. Joely Drake‘s voice can control others, and she’s a world famous singer. Dr Elle Drake is a physicist, and computer programmer who carries all their gifts. It’s Elle’s responsibility to have seven daughters so they can carry on the Drake legacy. Their parents are finally here in Sea Haven but are touring Napa with Aunt Carol. The Drake house has a unique mosaic floor in the entry that acts as a scrying mirror.

Dr Tyson Derrick is a brilliant biochemical scientist and a millionaire with no clue how to act in social situations. He’s also an adrenaline junkie and volunteers with the rescue team. The responsible Sam Chapman, Tyson’s cousin, is a firefighter as well as the rescue supervisor of the rescue team. Aunt Ida was his mother, and she raised both boys. Ty’s parents were jet-setters who didn’t know how to deal with their son. Sam’s fellow firefighters include Doug Higgens, Jim Brannigan who is the helicopter pilot based in Willits, Rory Smith, Ben who is the fire apparatus engineer, and Sean Fortune who is the crew chief.

Sea Haven, California, is…
…on the Mendocino coast. Jonas Harrington is the local sheriff and has known the Drakes forever. Deputy Jackson Deveau was with Jonas in the Rangers as a sniper. Inez Nelson runs the local grocery store. Donna runs a gift shop. Gene Dockins and his sons are fishermen.

Mason Fredrickson is being courted by his ex-wife, Sylvia, who seems to have finally learned her lesson. Mason and Mike Dangerfield are reserve law enforcement. Drew Madison is seventeen and has spent his life trying to survive leukemia. Irene Madison is Drew’s crazed, obsessed mother. Pete Granger is also seventeen and friends with Drew.

Evelyn and Linda Bowers are nurses in the local ER. Dr Shayner is Tyson’s attending.

Edward Martinelli, a friend of Tyson’s, is associated with a crime family and is a major stockholder in BioLab. Eva is his wife; Robbie is their young son. His security includes John Sandoval who has no finesse.

BioLab is…
…a pharmaceutical company where Tyson works. The careless, glory-seeking Dr Harry Jenkins, a biochemist, is heading up a project. Joe Fields is in marketing.

Greg Simpson is Hannah’s uncaring agent. Dr Chang was an instructor at Harvard. Rob Ryan is a famous actor.

The Cover and Title

I’m guessing that Libby, her long black hair flowing down her back and wearing a sleeveless black dress, is facing the cove that lies beyond the cliff on which Drake house sits. It’s deepening twilight with a golden sunset partially hidden by a tall chunk of rock in the middle of the cover, the waves highlighted by that setting sun. All deep blues and grays with that splash of yellow and orange. At the very top is an info blurb in white. The author’s name, in a colonial blue surrounded by a white outline, is at the top. In a tiny white font at the bottom right of the name is the series information with a sawtooth blue circle forming the background for more info in white. An epigraph in white script is to the right of Libby’s right arm with the sea as background. The title is in a white script at the bottom.

The title refers to two incidents, one at the very start of the story and one at the end, both are Dangerous Tides.

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