Book Review: “Cyncerely Yours” by Eileen Wilks

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Book Review: “Cyncerely Yours” by Eileen Wilks

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

"Cyncerely Yours" by Eileen Wilks
Genres: Paranormal Fantasy
on January 5, 2008
Pages: 22
Format: PDF
Source: Author

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A short story, 4.5, in the World of the Lupi series and revolving around Cynna Weaver and Cullen Seabourne at their wedding ceremony.

This was a free PDF from Eileen Wilks’ website.

My Take

All the lead-up to the first lupus marriage, and then we get distracted with Cullen’s and Cynna’s wedding. It’s a ceremony that is so them, that you can’t help but laugh.

I love this one…

“Cullen’s gaze took a slow cruise up Cynna’s body, having already taken the trip down. ‘Nice. Really, really nice.’ His kindled eyes reached Cynna’s face, hot blue embers in a face suddenly taut. ‘And mine.’

‘You get a lifetime lease,’ Cynna said, ‘but I’m still owner and operator.’”

Wilks is using third person dual point-of-view from Cullen’s and Cynna’s perspectives, as they each approach the actual ceremony in their own ways. It’s a lovely way to hear their thoughts about the upcoming ceremony.

It cracks me up that Cullen is so gorgeous and doesn’t care. Oh, he’ll use his looks, but it really doesn’t matter. As for Cynna, she’s an odd duck for sure and has been through so very much. Experiences she’s using to be a good Rhej for the Clan.

I do want to know what Baxter was doing there…

The Story

It’s a wedding with a ceremony. One that Cynna had to be talked into by her intended.

The Characters

Cullen Seabourne, a lupus and sorcerer, is no longer Clanless, but he’s still making waves. Cynna Weaver has a gift as a Finder and is a former Dizzy, working a type of African magic that deals with tattoos and demons. A rebel her whole life, even when she worked for the FBI, she’s been claimed as the apprentice Rhej for Nokolai.

Rule Turner, the lupus prince, is Lu Nuncio for Nokolai as well as Rho for Leidolf. He’s also engaged to Agent Lily Yu, an FBI sensitive. Madame Yu is Lily’s grandmother. Lily’s older sister, Susan, is a doctor. Beth is the younger sister.

The guests include Mika, the D.C. dragon; Archbishop Brown, who is on the Presidential Task Force; Gan is a former demon who now rules Edge; two lupi from the Mendoza clan; Sherri, the head witch of the coven consulted by the government; Ruben Brooks, who had been Cynna’s boss at Unit 12, a division within the CIA; and, the Etorri Rhej, a very strong medium, who could make a difference in how the Clans receive his marriage.

Father Abraham Michaels will witness the ceremony that Bishop Kearns tried to stop.

Marilyn Wright is a presidential assistant. Mrs. Ada Ryerson, a neighbor back when Cynna was a child, is a ghost who has recently begun haunting Cynna. Baxter is an annoying agent. Thiel is the Rohen liege in Edge.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a close-up of the blonde-streaked Cynna staring out at us with her black-rimmed eyes and dark lips, her tattoos visible around her collarbone. One gold wedding ring is set a’tilt the other in the very front. The author’s name is in black against a white transparent background strip that spans Cynna’s forehead. The title is in a script font spanning Cynna’s throat.

The title sums up a wedding, when each pledges to be “Cyncerely Yours”.

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