Book Review: Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb

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Book Review: Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb
Genres: Mystery, Detective, Police Procedural, Romantic Suspense
Published by Berkley on April 4, 2007
Pages: 363
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves

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Eighth in the In Death futuristic, romantic suspense series and revolving around Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her handy (gorgeous) husband, Roarke, in the New York City of January 2059.

In 2000, Conspiracy in Death was nominated for a RITA Award for Romantic Suspense. In 1999 it was also nominated for a PEARL and won an RRA Award for Best Alternative Realities or Time Travel Romance.

My Take

It amazes me how creative Robb is in her crimes as well as how Dallas solves them. Yep, it’s definitely a detective-oriented police procedural, so if you love that genre, ya gotta read the In Death series. Besides, ya just gotta read Conspiracy in Death, because it’s a pip!

Dallas had a horrible, horrible childhood and has channeled those experiences into being a cop, one who seeks justice. She can be hot against the bad guys, and yet she feels compassion for others.

Roarke’s childhood wasn’t any better, and it’s interesting to see how they diverge into cop versus criminal with each seeking their own justice and happiness. Even when it comes to building their first snowmen, lol.

“‘Do you have to own everything?’

He considered a moment. ‘Yes,’ he said and smiled beautifully.”

Ya gotta love Dallas’ “tolerance” for Peabody’s fantasies about Roarke. I can’t blame the girl . . . that man sure does sound hot. And he’s so supportive!

“Want to go find her and beat her up? I’ll hold your coat.”

Robb uses third person global subjective point-of-view, and we see most of the story through Dallas’ perspective. Roarke comes in as well with the occasional thought from Summerset. The bad guy(s) have their own thoughts to pour out. Oy.

Whoa, Robb creates an horrific character in Bowers. It’s sad to see how Bowers sees life and the anger it stirs up in her. The maneuvers she uses to pass the tests. Even Whitney warns Dallas that Bowers is a champion filer. It’s even sadder that she doesn’t see what she’s doing to herself.

Some of the conflicts in Conspiracy in Death is Dallas’ anger over having that first complaint in her file, McNab’s irritating Peabody, Dallas’ nightmares that only Roarke can soothe away, Webster’s interest in Dallas — woohoo, the name Dallas made for herself at the police academy, Dr Mira’s friendly conflicts, droid assassins, political pressure being brought to bear; and, Bowers’ complaints — Dallas is such a slut!.

There is quite a bit of sex in here, but Robb keeps it to a dreamy sort of description, romantic but with a bite to it.

“‘When we get home,’ he began . . . ‘you can . . . reprimand me.’

‘Keep your mind off sex.’

‘Why? It’s so happy there.'”

I do love how egalitarian this world is with women treated equally as men. And it’s too true that computers are still a pain in the neck. Just ask Dallas. She has the worst relationship with technology, lol. It’s part of what makes her such a fascinating character. She stands up for herself, too much so, and her feelings towards the mechanics and IT will crack you up.

On a side note, I absolutely love the gadgets of this future. From the AutoChef to the holorooms! There’s also the loving support of friends and co-workers.

Action-wise, of course there are attacks and more . . . this is Eve we’re talkin’ about, lol. Bowers certainly introduces a written bit of action that acts emotionally on Eve. Yet it’s the characters that really drive the story.

The pace is fast and slow. There’s plenty of action, but it’s repetitive in its victims, but then again, it needs multiple victims to find that pattern. So, what’cha gonna do?

The Story

Diseased, used-up organs are being removed from street people and the unwanted. It’s a conundrum, for what use are organs that can’t be used?

Yet, the more Dallas digs, the more the pressure increases from threats to Dallas’ integrity, to hers and Roarke’s lives, to those of friends.

The Characters

The troubled Lieutenant Eve Dallas is the head of Homicide in Cop Central. Roarke is her husband, and according to Eve, owns at least half the planet and a few others. Summerset is the majordomo for the house who had raised Roarke. He and Eve hate each other! Although that does seem to be changing, in a way. Galahad is their pudge of a cat (Naked in Death, 1).

Mavis Freestone, Eve’s best friend, has become a popular singer. Leonardo, a fashion designer, is her significant other. Nadine Furst, Channel 75’s ace on-air reporter and Eve’s ethical friend puts together that show about Eve . . . wow. Jamie Lingstrom (Ceremony in Death, 5) is one of those interviewed.

Officer Delia Peabody is Dallas’ aide, a Free Ager who wanted to be a cop. Other cops in Homicide include Detective David Baxter and Cartright. Detective Ian McNab is with the Electronics Detective Division, which is headed up by Captain Ryan Feeney, Eve’s mentor and a father figure. Dr Li Morris is the chief medical examiner. Dr Charlotte Mira is the department’s head profiler, who has taken a motherly interest in Dallas. Commander Jack Whitney is Dallas’ boss. Don Webster is with IAB and had known Dallas back in the day.

Homicide-Lite is the stiff scooper department where cops patrol known areas of the homeless. Officer Ellen Bowers is teamed up with Officer Troy Trueheart. Detective Rosswell, stationed at the 162, is incompetent. Captain Desevres is in charge at the 162.

Charles Monroe is a highly rated licensed companion (LC) whom we first met in Naked in Death, and he’s dating Peabody.

Roarke Industries
Caro is Roarke’s very efficient administrative assistant. Carlotta Zemway is on the board of the research and development arm.

Dr Louise Dimatto, Cagney’s niece (and her parents are Alicia Cagney and Mark Robert Dimatto), runs the Canal Street Clinic for the homeless and helpless. Jan is her head nurse. Some of her patients have included Snooks (a.k.a. Samuel Michael Petrinsky; his wife had been Cheryl Sylva and their children had been Samuel, James, and Lucy) ,who made paper flowers; Gimp, who was Snooks’ best friend; Erin Spindler, who is a retired LC but runs a stable of LCs, including Mandy and Lida; and, Jilessa Brown.

Jasper Mott was a chemi-head in Chicago whose case was taken over by Detective Kimiki when Detective Wilson McRae “retired”. The pregnant Karen is McRae’s wife. Simon Drury was a criminal McRae put away. Lieutenant Sawyer is Kimiki’s supervisor. Detective Marie DuBois had a like-crime in Paris with Leclerk. That translator program Eve is using . . . oy, lol.

The Drake Center of Medicine is . . .
. . . a private hospital with its treatment areas, training facilities, and R&D labs rated Class A. Board members include Dr Colin Cagney, who is also chief of staff; Lucille Mendez; Dr Tia Wo, a general surgeon with a specialty in organ transplant and repair; Dr Michael Waverly, the chief of surgery and the current president of the AMA; and, Dr Mira. Dr Hans Vanderhaven is the head of research with a penchant for younger and younger wives. Fawn is his latest. Dr Bradley Young is the chief research technician.

NewLife Organ Replacement, Inc. creates organs for transplants. Dr Westley Friend was chief of research for the Nordick Clinic and developed mass-produced organs. Senator Brian Waylan in East Washington is requesting Dallas’ removal from the investigation. Ledo is a second-rate dealer and chemi-head recently released from prison, who loves to play pool in Gametown, which Carmine owns. Enter at your own risk! The Urban Wars are past yet recent history.

The Cover and Title

The cover has a grayed purple background with a narrow band of gray at the top with an info blurb in black. Immediately below this is the actual author with her pseudonym immediately below it. A black and yellow graphic of a New York City skyline with yellow police tape separates the author names from the title below the skyline. Author names and title are in white.

The title is truly a Conspiracy in Death against innocents and Eve Dallas.

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