Book Review: Collision Point by Lora Leigh

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Book Review: Collision Point by Lora Leigh

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Collision Point by Lora Leigh
Genres: Romantic Suspense
on February 27, 2018
Pages: 323
Format: Paperback
Source: the library

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First in the Brute Force romantic suspense series, a spin-off from Leigh’s intertwined Elite Ops and Tempting SEALs. Brute Force appears to be a private security firm that works with Elite Ops. The couple focus is on Rory Malone and Amara Resnova.

If you’re interested, there is a chronological listing of all three series — Tempting SEALs, Elite Ops, and Brute Force — on my website.

My Take

It was all too insta-everything. I felt as though I was barreling down a train track with no brakes. It’s an overdone melodrama with too much sex. Horrors…I can’t believe I said that…!? Yeah, I know that Leigh is known for the sex scenes, but I do like a story to go with it. Hey, I’m a girl. I still want a plot with characters and scenes that make sense.

Too, I love series because I love following the characters from previous stories and seeing how their lives are getting on, and this could be part of my problem with Collision Point. It does follow on from Elite Ops and Tempting SEALs, but it’s been so long since I’ve read either series, that I’ve forgotten where their characters had fit in, so it was more confusing than reminiscent.

While the story mostly uses a third person dual point-of-view from Rory’s and Amara’s perspectives, we do experience the thoughts of a few other characters. But it’s that Malone “curse” that bonds soulmates so tightly that they can feel each other and experience their dreams that predominates.

Leigh raises a lot of questions at the start of Collision Point and continues, throughout the story, to keep me frustrated as Rory and Amara whine on about she wants him, she doesn’t want him; he wants her, he doesn’t want her. And both are overflowing with reflections and questions. Amara can’t be bothered to dig in to find out more about why Rory left for England, in spite of knowing what her father is capable of, and of course, she assigns her own dumb interpretations to it all. Oy.

Everyone is so busy keeping secrets and being so contradictory! Gawd, it is so annoying. Yeah, and then you find out what Ivan’s been hoping for, and you’ll really want to tear your hair out.

Why did Ivan lock Rory in a cell when Amara was kidnapped?

What was the deal with Syn attacking Ivan, if she’s been hoping he’d take care of her problems??

And of course, it’s all because neither Rory nor Amara had the courage to say “I love you”.

The Story

Despite dying to rescue Amara Resnova, neither she nor her father express any interest in Rory Malone. Not until Amara is desperate for protection.

If she wants him guarding her, it’ll be on Rory’s terms. Not hers. Not her father’s.

The Characters

Amara Resnova is the independent daughter of Ivan “Poppa” Resnova, a man who fled his Russian crime family and now straddles the line between criminal action and respectability. Ilya and Nikolai are Ivan’s assistants; Ilya has been Ivan’s best friend since they were boys. Elizaveta and Grisha are twins, cousins to Amara, and her bodyguards; Tania is their mother. Amara’s mother and Tania’s sister, Talia, is divorced from Ivan and married to a sweet man; they live in Russia. Alexi is the butler. David is the night houseman and a distant cousin. Cook is an undercover contact. Igor Resnova tortured and murdered family members. Petrov Goreski is Ivan’s cousin.

Riordan “Rory” Malone is Nathan/Noah’s younger brother. Grandpops (he lives with his son, Grant) has a part to play in this. Married to the Irish Erin, Edan had been their daughter who died as a result of bigotry. Their sons included Grant and Jordan who were the youngest; Riordan Jr and Dannan who both died in a war; and, Roark who was killed in a car accident.

Noah (he’s with Elite Ops One) and Sabella “Bella” Blake were the focus for Wild Card, the first Elite Ops tale. They have three children: Noah, Erin, and Aislinn, and Bella is pregnant.

Brute Force Agency is…
…personal protection and electronic and cyber security. The agency also helps out Elite Ops. Micah (former Mossad) and Nik are part of the Elite Ops team that rescues Amara. The rest are Brute Force, I think: Jarvis, River, and Tobias are on electronic security; Drew; Sawyer; Max is a good driver; Crowe seems to be in command of something; Lochlan and his twin Lorcan are new to the Resnovas; and, Frankie.

Crimsyn “Syn” Delaney and Shelly Mitchell had been fellow interns at the DA’s office in New York County. Parrick is an assistant DA.

The Cover and Title

The cover reflects the clash of the story with its soft but dark background of Rory’s face floating above Amara’s which is just below the author’s name embossed in white. Also in white is an info blurb between the author’s first and last names and a quick tag for the story to the left of Amara. On her right is a bright orange circle with black text noting this is the first in a new series. The embossed title cuts across Amara’s shoulders and is in a slightly darker orange. To the left of the title is a pair of silver dog tags with the series information on it.

The title refers to the three primary characters — Ivan, Amara, and Rory — who clash in a Collision Point of emotions.

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