Book Review: Charmed Caper by Lucía Ashta

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Book Review: Charmed Caper by Lucía Ashta

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Charmed Caper by Lucía Ashta
Genres: Paranormal Fantasy
Published by Amazon Digital on June 30, 2021
Pages: 378
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves
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Also by this author: Perfect Pending, Magical Mayhem, "Smexy Shenanigans"

Third in the Witches of Gales Haven humorous paranormal women’s fiction series and revolving around Marla Gawama and her family.

My Take

It’s a story about how you treat people. And it’s a “trick” that Brosnan, Mindy, and Marla need to learn.

Only magical beings can exist in Gales Haven, and it sure leads to lots of comic events, drama, and action. Hmm, I guess you could say that their characters make this a character-driven story. Lord knows there is plenty of crazy action.

Hmm, seems there is more to Danny than Marla thought. . . . and I could use a good handyman.

Ashta uses first person protagonist point-of-view from Marla’s perspective so we see, feel, and hear everything that Marla experiences.

Hmm, I like the idea of a governing spell that ensures both parties comply with the terms of a bargain.

That leprechaun sure is a hypocrite and a good representation of too many people. He blames everyone else for not accepting him, but he’s constantly causing trouble.

Yep, I reckon Mo Ellen sums up the town of Gales Haven well: “Our thoughts, words, and energy shape our reality”. A point we should all keep in mind (from Mo Ellen again) is that “we have to believe in ourselves before anyone else”.

The Story

Whoops, people, creatures, and Boomkins in Gales Haven are losing their marbles. It’s a nasty affliction, and Gales Haven’s first detective ever, Marla Gawama, has to solve it.

The Characters

The recently divorced Detective Marla Gawama has recently returned to Gales Haven. Clyde and Macy are her kids.

Quade Contonn is Marla’s boyfriend, her first love, her first kiss. Harlow is Quade’s daughter. His parents, the beastly Delise and the meek Maguire Contonn, have been banished.

The Gawama Mama House
Nan, Bessie Gawama, is not only Marla’s grandmother, but the head of the council of Gales Haven. Neorah, Marla’s runaway mother, who is an amazing healer; the grumpy Aunt Joelle, who is an amazing cook; and, Aunt Luanne and Aunt Shawna, who get their kicks all over town, are Bessie’s children. Grandpa Oscar had been Bessie’s husband.

Hattie owns and runs Hair for Hotties and Hatties. Mo Ellen Ridgeway‘s specialty is custom spells. Bambi Casters, Mo Ellen’s grandmother, is whacko nutso . . . and an absolute crackup. Danny is the town handyman . . . and gigolo. Hubba, hubba! Jadine Lolly‘s Spanx is still in the leprechaun’s possession; Jadine is off getting busy with Jelly Frumpers. Wanda and Leonie run Wanda’s café; where there’s a back sex spell room. Sven and Goober are healing wizards dating Aunt Shawna. Dodie’s Dancing Diner is another restaurant. Jethro can fix anything. Randall Rooter used to be able to fix anything, then he retired. Willow is excellent at cleaning anything. Monty is a gangly wizard. Gigi owns Gifts, Gags, and Gaggles, another of the shops. Everleigh and Kama are the best spell weavers in town. Linda Dooley blew up the science lab, which is taught by Mr Malone. Boogie Jones is in the same class. Ty is a classmate to whom Macy is attracted. Darnell Adams and Tessa Smates are council members. Bradley and Dillon are a couple of the men whom Aunt Luanne dates. Minnie and Winnie Aderton are twin sisters. Beebee brews some potent drink, including Red Roses.

Creature Haven is . . .
. . . home base for the magical creatures who are ruled by the very rude Mindy, an assertive, forthright hedgehog who doesn’t think much of Marla. George is her slow-minded mate, and they have a lot of kids, including Jilly, Tilly, and Billy. Frankie is a fox. Rudy is the good-humored raccoon. Bob is a gentle elk. Penny is a porcupine. Humphrey is quite the cheeky mouse.

The naughty leprechaun, Brosnan, is still on the loose (Magical Mayhem, 2).

The recently arrived Mister Whisker (Marky Mark, Warky Wark, Dolly Girl, and Pancake are some of his siblings; Pa and Ma Bumpkin are their parents) and Wippity Bippity are some of the Boomkins, who have an oddly rhyming language. Granny Bumpkin is losing her marbles.

Hell’s Valley is . . .
. . . the next town over.

Outside of Gales Haven
Sir Lancelot is a pygmy owl and the headmaster of the Magical Creatures Academy.

The Cover and Title

The cover has an explosion of fuchsia in the center with a deep purple background. In the center of the fuchsia is a white teapot pouring a deep pinkish red liquid into a white teacup on a saucer with plenty of white and turquoise sparkles surrounding both. At the top is the series info in white and the much smaller title below that in turquoise. At the bottom, under the teacup, is the author’s name in white.

The title is the case Marla must investigate, for it’s a Charmed Caper.

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