Book Review: Bodyguard by Anna Kendra

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Book Review: Bodyguard by Anna Kendra

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Bodyguard by Anna Kendra
Genres: Romance, Thriller
Published by Typewriter Pub on July 23, 2019
Pages: 193
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves

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A standalone romantic thriller set in Canada revolving around a pair of brothers with the focus on the youngest, Julian Turner.

My Take

Kendra’s story was not helped by all the run-on words and the mix of present and past tenses Oy. Then there are those “taunt nipples”. Yep. Nipples that taunt people. Pretty impressive. I’ve never thought of nipples as being able to talk.

The story uses third person dual protagonist point-of-view from Sia’s and Julian’s perspectives, which means we hear their thoughts and know their emotions.

And Julian hasn’t “ever thought of [Sia] as his employee”???

What is wrong with Julian? He’s supposedly so grateful to his adoptive parents and loves his brother, and yet he is so incredibly immature and without willpower. Poor thing . . . he can’t help it that he’s gorgeous . . . Oy.

Why isn’t Julian already the head of Turner Security? Why does he have to prove himself on X number of cases? Are all these security guards who pop up after incidents with Turner Security or just part of the security of the businesses around the incidents? He takes a call and lets Sia walk ahead?? Leaves her alone after the fashion show.

Nope, I don’t make that connection with Lucifer as Julian’s nickname.

It’s weird that the owner of the company is making dresses. Not just designing them, but actually sewing them up. Maybe it’s part of quality control?

There’s that scene where Sia is putting on shorts and a top and then pairs her dress with jewelry. Gotta be a quick-change artist. There’s her past house that sounds like it was the house she shared with Arthur but later on it turns out to be her own house.

Is English Kendra’s second language??

I do love that Sia insists on quality with a low price, that she’s not obsessed with making money hand over fist. More wonderful is Julian’s relationship with Leo. Sweet. Julian and Christian also have a great relationship.

Kendra talks about the suffering her company went through, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what happened.

Sia’s past was not good as a child and became a nightmare when she was sold off. I would like to know why the cops didn’t let Sia know of that escape.

There’re some interesting bits about Julian’s past. Christian has an interesting past as well. From soldier to taking over the running of a hospital. At least that’s what I assume Christian is doing. I am curious as to what his background is.

And, Kendra missed her chance at turning this into a trilogy.

The characters are nice enough and there is action, but when a writer is making as many mistakes as Kendra, that’s all I see after awhile. There are so many, many errors and so many, many areas that need more and/or better information. It’s as if Kendra started to fill in her draft outline, but never progressed beyond it.

The Story

It was an attempted abduction that scares Sia Milton into hiring a bodyguard. She’ll do anything to keep her son safe.

Even take a chance on a womanizing bodyguard with a bad reputation.

The Characters

Sia Milton owns Magenta Fashion, a company she started up from scratch with a reputation for quality at a decent price. I think Sianot is her full name?? She has a thirteen-year-old son, Leonard Stone, who loves basketball. Martha Stackhouse is her housekeeper.

Magenta Fashion
Millan Steiner is Sia’s secretary. Megan is the tailor. Sienna Wickham is a model for Magenta.

Julian “Lucifer” Turner was adopted by the Turners; his birth mother had been a prostitute. He’s supposed to end up the CEO of Turner Security. Christian Turner is his older brother, the legitimate son and heir. He’d been a soldier before he took over their parents’ hospital. Their parents were Cecelia and Damien Turner who had founded Turner Security and James Bay Medical Center.

Turner Security.
Selena Fraser is a top informer and agent. Okay, that’s a dichotomy. My interpretation of an “informer” is either a confidential informant or an outsider who passes on gossip, tips, etc. Does Kendra mean “researcher”? Abhay “Beelzebub” Campbell is the company hacker and Julian’s best friend. Xi Chang was in charge of one group of guards. Vanessa Christoff is the company secretary.

Arthur Stone, a lawyer, is Sia’s psychopathic ex-husband who took over Milton Co/Inc. David Muller is a prison guard. Jasmine Murray was a woman Arthur had dated. Brandon Tucker is actually Brad Millar who used to work at Milton.

Paradiso is a favorite Italian restaurant. Nina Pavlov is a model.

The Cover and Title

The cover is the blue-tinted windows of the building behind Julian in his tux (not in the story) holding a gun in his right hand while his left arm holds Sia, in a black evening dress, close to his chest. She faces us but is looking to the right while Julian is glaring off to the right. The title is in a gradated white to blue at mid-chest. The author’s name is in white at the bottom.

The title is the need for a Bodyguard.

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