Book Review: Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks

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Book Review: Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks
Genres: Paranormal Fantasy
Published by Berkley Books on ‎ December 22, 2009
Pages: 364
Format: eBook
Source: my own shelves

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Sixth in the World of the Lupi paranormal fantasy series and revolving around the lupi, werewolves. The couple focus is on Lily Yu and Rule Turner and individually on Cynna Weaver and Cullen Seabourne. It is set in San Diego in July/August, a mere seven months since the Turning.

My Take

It both cracks me up and impresses me that Rule is able to separate his dual roles and his son-parent relationship with his father. His dad is another one who combines calculation and compassion.

It’s Wilks using third person global subjective point-of-view from a variety of perspectives — notably Lily and Rule — that provides us with so much insight.

There is a lot for Lily to learn about lupi culture. Part of which is the ban about lupi getting married. When Rule proposes, it sets off a lot of ill-feeling and anger amongst the lupi. It’s bad enough Rule is carrying two mantles! In fact, the whole marriage thing is a serious conflict for Lily and runs throughout the story as she needs a good reason for getting married. Eek! One of the pluses is that lupi revere women and will not tolerate insult to one.

Associating with Rule and his clan also exposes Lily to all the bigotry humans have for lupi. It’s very similar (and probably a metaphor) for bigotry against Blacks.

There’s more conflict as the good guys concentrate on not breaking the treaty between dragons and Chimei. Talk about hair-splitting! Another quirky perspective is Johnny’s justifications as to why he’s not a psychopath and why his elastic qualities are good. Cody Beck popping onto the character list introduces yet another conflict — I do like Wilks’ characterization of him knowing everyone as well as his acceptance of Lily’s choices.

A recurring background laugh is Lily’s interactions with her mother. I can relate *grin*. Although, it is Lily’s mom who comes up with the reason why marriage is good. Who’d’ve thunk?

Blood Magic is a pip for revealing Grandmother’s early years and how she became involved with Sam. That history also provides background for today’s evil persona. Lol, it also explains Grandmother’s imperious manner. Talk about a liberated woman! Oh, man! Wait’ll you read how Grandmother hid out! So practical, lol. Grandmother does get philosophical at the end, and if I read it slowly, several times, I think I understood what she meant. I think.

Y’know, I could go for World of the Lupi being a TV series — all those hunky men running around in ragged denim shorts . . . hubba-hubba.

The Story

Agent Lily Yu and her Nokolai “prince”, Rule Turner, have a bigger problem than their families not accepting their impending human/werewolf mixed marriage, for a powerful ancient nemesis of Lily’s grandmother has come to San Diego seeking vengeance and yearning to turn the city into a feeding ground.

The Characters

Agent Lily Yu, a Chinese-American touch sensitive and the Chosen of Rule Turner, has been with Unit 12 of the FBI since last November, transferred from Homicide in the SDPD. Dirty Harry is Lily’s cat who likes Toby. Susan, Lily’s older, perfect sister, is a dermatologist. Paul Liu is Susan’s husband, a hospital administrator. Beth is Lily’s footloose younger sister. Lily’s imperious grandmother, Madame Li Lei Yu, is 300+-year-old who can shift into a Siberian tiger and uses magic. Li Qin is Grandmother’s companion. Cousin Freddie had been Lily’s mother’s choice as a bridegroom — he is Chinese after all. Uncle Chen runs a restaurant where Sandra is a server

Rule Turner, the Nokolai “Prince”, is a lupus, the Rho of Leidolf (Mortal Sins, 5), and the Lu Nuncio of Nokolai. Toby is Rule’s nine-year-old son of whom Rule gained full custody in Mortal Sins.

Rule’s bodyguards are a mix of Nokolai and Leidolf and include Eric; LeBron; José, who’s head of Rule’s security; Jacob; Mark; and, Steve.

Nokolai is . . .
. . . the lupi clan based in San Diego and led by Isen Turner, the Rho. He’s also Rule’s father. Benedict is an older brother and in charge of Nokolai security. Dr Nettie Two Horses is Benedict’s daughter, a medical doctor, a healer, and a shaman. Mick had been ten years older than Rule and jealous of Rule (Tempting Danger, 1). Cullen Seabourne is a sorcerer and newly adopted into Nokolai. The Rhej (Hannah) is old, venerable, and blind with a physical empathy.

Other lupi include Jason Chance is an experienced LVN, Michael, Sean, Piers is a new lupus, Mason is in charge of terra tradis, Paul, John Ino lives in Seattle, Saul has the best nose, the freckled Shannon, Mike Hemmings, Phil, Carl, Remy, and Jones. Some of the guests at the baby party include Sandra Metlock, Sybil is a tender for the kids, Modean Webster, and Teresa Blankenship.

Unit 12, Magical Crimes Division (MCD), FBI, is . . .
. . . newly important since the Turning is led by Ruben Brooks who has a Gift of precognition and a recently diagnosed allergy to iron and steel. Ida is Ruben’s terrifying and efficient secretary. Agent Cynna Weaver is a Finder who was selected as the Rhej’s apprentice.

San Diego PD
Officer Jesse Munoz investigates a hallucination. Delgado is the chief of police and not enamored of Lily. Magruder and Davis are pathologists. Jamal is a morgue attendant. Lieutenant Thomas “T.J.” James had been Lily’s mentor back in the day. Camille is T.J.’s wife. Captain Dreyer is a self-important yappy dog-type. Sandy is a sergeant. Garcia used to head patrol.

Deputy Cody Beck had dated Lily back in the day. Hammond and Sheffield had taken Beck’s part. Carl Hennessey is deputy chief of operations for the Fire Department.

Sam, a.k.a. Sun Mzao or S’n Mtzo, a black dragon, chose to base himself in San Diego on San Miguel Mountain. Micah is the dragon assigned to Washington D.C. Alec is Chicago’s dragon who had his own way of dealing with trespassers, *grin*.

Johnny Deng is an assassin who worships the Chimei, a being who eats fear and intends to take over the earth. Helen, her avatar, had twisted Mick in Tempting Danger. Humans First is a hate group.

The Lady is the Old One who created the lupi to fight her, an Old One who is the lupi’s most ancient enemy. The mate bond is a magic from the Lady that enhances the need for physical connection. The Chosen is a woman selected by the Lady for a lupus. The Rhej holds the clan’s memories and speaks for the Lady. Terra tradis is a separate location where young lupi about to experience First Change are sent to learn how to control their wolves. Ospi are out-clan friends or guests. The Great War was a battle fought 3,000 years ago between Old Ones as to how much interference would be allowed with humanity.

The Turning is when power winds blew open the barriers between realms last December. Edge, a.k.a. Vei Mo Han, is one of those realms (Night Season, 4). The Dragon Accords is a treaty between earth and the dragons. Mage fire, a.k.a. black fire, can burn anything.

Max is a gnome who owns Club Hell and is a friend. Mel is another gnome who helped with the rescue. Gan is an orange demon we first met in