Blogger Shame

So wasn’t going to do this one because I told myself I wasn’t doing as many challenges this year as I did last year. So instead I decided to switch it with one I was planning on doing so I didn’t add an extra one. 🙂 I figured this one would go best with how I am hoping to do 2017, as I want to try and focus on my own books and old review books and there are plenty! This challenge was built with me in mind I know it was…lol. 🙂  Hosted by Anna of Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

What counts:

Any review book that is 4+ months PAST DUE.
Yep. Only OLD review requests that have slipped through the cracks count.
Any format, any length.


Not going to put an amount here because I am going for no pressure. If I get a couple done great if I get a lot of them tackled they YAY! 🙂
So if you have some past due review books and want to join me then check out Anna’s page and join in on the fun. 🙂