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Emmalina is an immortal darkling. A half human, half dark witch. Though she was born with all six emotions, she has arrived at her eighteenth birthday and all but one miserable emotion has fled her body.
The mission of the dark witches who control the new, darker world is simple—eradicate weakness. Weakness is summed up in one word. Emotion. Or, the six. Anger, fear, sadness, joy, surprise, and love.
The dark witches want her. She wants something else more.
She wants six.

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Six by Rachel Robinson. I am hosting an interview with Rachel Robinson. There is also a rafflecopter giveway being done by the tour.



Tell us a something about yourself that is not in your author bio. I’m married and I have a five year-old daughter. I also have a hairless cat and an unhealthy obsession with shows on the CW.

Do you have a specific place you like to write/music you listen to, etc? It depends what season it is. I wrote SIX sitting at a desk in my office. The novel I’m working on now is coming to life while I sit in a huge, pink chair (that isn’t a lie) while I cover myself in a down blanket. I sort of hate cold weather. You can add that answer to question 1 if you want. I don’t have the ability to write in busy, public places like some writers like to do. I distract easily.

When did you decide that you wanted to be a writer? I’ve always loved writing. I wrote a poem when I was about eleven that actually got published! I read it now and think, “Wow, that was deep for an eleven year-old.” I have no idea where it came from. My mom just mailed me a box that had books I wrote (and illustrated) when I was a child. Stapled binding and all. I started writing a blog (like every other new mom) a few years ago, and from there my love of writing just grew.

How do you come by your ideas? My best ideas come from weird dreams. There’s a scene in SIX with a mouse, and bubbling pink liquid…that whole thing played out in my head while I slept. I woke thinking I was insane for it, but I’m glad it came because it transferred to words very well.

What made you decide to write in your current genre? I love paranormal. Things are never what they seem. You also have a little more slack with regard to plotting. I realize that now that I’m writing a Contemporary Romance, with real characters, with no powers. It’s a whole Six_150dpi_eBookdifferent ball game.

Have you ever started writing something and then scrapped it? No. My writing process is long. I get an idea and I think about it for a long time. Sometimes months(!) I make notes, write down quotes (there are sticky notes all over my house). By the time I sit down to write, it’s all there, begging to be put down on the computer screen. Sometimes my characters take a detour, and that’s okay. It always ends the way I want it to.

Tell us about your current release/or new release? SIX is a dystopian paranormal romance. The world as we know it has ended. An emotionless society of witches rule the new world. This story is one girl’s fight to gain her emotions back. Everything is new to her…including friendship and obviously romantic love. It has fairy tale undercurrents, to balance out the darker, more unpleasant parts. Emma seeks out the six emotions and discovers herself along the way. Love was enough to destroy the world. Will it be enough to save her? You’ll have to read to find out.

Are you currently working on a new project? If so can you tell us what it will be about? I am. I already mentioned it’s a Contemporary Romance. It’s a complete genre departure for me, but it’s also somewhat based on my real life experiences. In essence, it’s a very tumultuous love story written in both character’s points of view. Maverick and Windsor’s story should be out next year. Entwined, the third book in my Samantha Scott series is next up.


Then, I see the specific memory—the one that haunts me. It is the memory that consumes my being with longing because I have been unable to attach an emotion to it. I feel as if I am in that memory at this moment.

“I’m going to get you Emmalina,” my mother says. I run so fast that my tiny heart is thumping rapidly. Sticky sweat surrounds my face and mats my hair at my hairline. My feet are bare and the gray haze is the lightest I ever remember it being. I look over my shoulder and laugh as I see her running after me. She has her hands stretched out toward me and her brown hair bounces as she runs. It is a dream in slow motion that I get to relive. The moment is perfect. Her smile is electric. Her voice is sweeter than any treat from the old world.

“You can’t catch me, Mommy!” My singsong child’s voice rings back at her. I want her to catch me. I want her hands tickling me. She grabs me and lifts me under my arms, and up over her head. I can touch the sky. I am flying. She spins around in a circle but I do not look around. I look at her smiling face. It is so cheerful, it is so perfect. It holds the same emotion that I feel in this moment.

We are complete. I am not empty.

The emotion rips me from the inside. “I feel joy,” I tell Finn as I throw my head back laughing at the sky. The emotion tears through me more powerful than anything else, filling me with purpose. I am elated, delighted, I feel contentment and relief. Excitement courses through my veins more powerful than dark magic. It is incomparable. I splash the water at my sides and giggle because I want to, not because I think it prudent. I am so happy I remember her—thankful Finn has forced this from me in his own way. I jump toward him and he catches me under my arms.
He lifts me above his head and I feel like I am floating on a cloud in an alternate universe. He spins in one slow circle. I gaze down at him knowing this is what my mother wants for me. I vow to make her sacrifice worth it.

Finn laughs loudly—a hearty, meaningful laugh. We revel in this perfect moment together just Finn and I and our joyful laughter.

I know then that his laugh is the only sound I like more than my own heartbeat.


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