Binge Watchers #8 ~Mindhunter #bingewatchersclub

October 25, 2017 Misc. 3

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So recently there has been a netflix hog in the house and it’s not me!  My dad has been catching up on all this superhero shows and the one thing I hate about netflix is that it won’t let two people watch shows at the same time. So I didn’t get much binging in but I did almost finish Mindhunter. It’s a new series that has just recently came on and I almost got the first season finished.

I got more than half way through and might actually get it finished after this post was made. I must say it’s not what I was expecting but it’s not bad either.

Mindhunters is about how two FBI agents set out to talk to a bunch of different killers to find the psychology of murder and often getting all-to-close with the real live monsters.

Holden is a young FBI agent who is a hostage negotiator but after a case goes wrong he is sent to teach others how to be a hostage negotiator and while doing so starts dating a girl studying sociology and starts putting ideas in his head. He starts thinking a bit different about how killers think and starts asking questions that nobody really wants to know the answers too. His boss decides to put him with a guy who teaches techniques on the road to other police officers. That FBI agent works with the behavioral science unit, Bill takes him on the road with him where eventually they talk to their first killer Ed Kemper.

They get permission to take their little side show on the road with them but it has to be very hush hush as back then nobody believed that psychology belonged in law enforcement.

I am not sure what I was thinking this was going to be but it’s a little more drama filled that I was expecting and can be a little slow moving but I still find it to be kind of interesting. I do think there was some scenes in it that were unnecessary but that is just me. Not every day I start to watch a show and in the first few scenes there is a naked man who thinks he is invisible…lol.

I have always been interested in true crime and I have read a lot of books about the men who started the FBI behavioral science unit and them talking to killers, so it’s kind of interesting getting to watch the process sort of. If you like this sort of thing then you might give it a try.

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  1. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    This show has been on my To Watch list so I’m really excited to see your thoughts on it. It isn’t at all what I was expecting as I think I would have expected more of a Criminal Minds feel. Thanks for the heads up for the slower pace! Hopefully your dad will finish up his super hero shows soon and you’ll be able to watch more Netflix!

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