Audiobook review: Someone Else’s Skin

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Audiobook review: Someone Else’s Skin

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Someone Else's Skin by Sarah Hilary
Length: 10 hours and 52 minutes
Genres: Crime, Murder, Mystery
Published by Headline, Penguin, Tantor Audio on June 24rd
Pages: 418
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Justine Eyre
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Some secrets keep you safe, others will destroy you... 

Detective Inspector Marnie Rome. Dependable; fierce; brilliant at her job; a rising star in the ranks. Everyone knows how Marnie fought to come back from the murder of her parents, but very few know what is going on below the surface. Because Marnie has secrets she won't share with anyone. 

But then so does everyone. Certainly those in the women's shelter Marnie and Detective Sergeant Noah Jake visit on that fateful day. The day when they arrive to interview a resident, only to find one of the women's husbands, who shouldn't have been there, lying stabbed on the floor. 

As Marnie and Noah investigate the crime further, events begin to spiral and the violence escalates. Everyone is keeping secrets, some for survival and some, they suspect, to disguise who they really are under their skin. 

Now, if Marnie is going to find the truth she will have to face her own demons head on. Because the time has come for secrets to be revealed...

First thoughts: A decent start to a new crime series.

In Someone Else’s Skin we are introduce t to Detective Inspector Marnie Rome and her partner Detective Sergeant Noah Jake. DI Rome is still trying to come to terms with her parents murder a few years ago and her brother being put in jail for the crime. 

They are investigating an abuse claim and go to a shelter to talk to the woman, but find a totally different crime when they arrive. A man has been stabbed and everyone says it was the wife who did it, one of the ladies staying at the shelter. The man is not dead so he is sent to the hospital and the investigation takes off from there.

The more they try and put together the pieces of why would Hope stab her husband they find out a lot more is going on and a lot of secrets are coming the the light. People are not exactly who they seem and one stabbing turns into a hole different thing the further they investigate. Noah has a weak spot for Hope as the victim even though she is the one who was suppose to have done the stabbing, while Marnie goes after Leo and questions him to get more information about Hope. Noah’s empathy for Hope could put him in more danger than he bargained for as Marnie tries to put all the pieces together.

Someone Else’s Skin is a good start to a new crime series and I am interested in learning more about DI Rome and DS Jake as they investigate more crimes together. Rome is a bit of a tortured soul and I think it takes a really strong woman to be able to keep doing the job she is doing after her parents are murdered and her brother charged with the crime.

I have always been a fan of British crime novels and it’s nice to get on one at the start of the series and not have to play catch up. If you are into crime novels you might want to give this one a try.

Narrator: Justine Eyre

Some people have a voice for narration and then some don’t. Justine Eyre has a voice that just really didn’t do it for me. I could tell right off that if I was going to make it through this book it would have to be on fast speed and I hate that. I really enjoyed the story, but the narrators voice really grated on my nerves. I hate saying that about someone, but some times it happens. I just didn’t get the feel for Marnie with this narrator because I couldn’t get into her voice. 🙁

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3 responses to “Audiobook review: Someone Else’s Skin

  1. ladystorm

    Lexxie, I think this one would have been better read and not listened too, I might try the next one in book form if it has the same narrator. 🙂

  2. Jellyhead

    I was so lookingforward to this book… But couldn’t get through the first chapter due to the narrator. Her style was too seductive… Maybe if I was a man or a lesbian I would have dug it… But I’m not and it was just irritating!

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