Audiobook review: See Me

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Audiobook review: See Me

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

See Me by Wendy Higgins
Length: 8 hours and 21 minutes
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Published by Amazon Publishing Pages: 315
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Cris Dukehart
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While most seventeen-year-old American girls would refuse to let their parents marry them off to a stranger, Robyn Mason dreams of the mysterious McKale in Ireland, wondering how he’ll look and imagining his cute Irish accent. Prearranged bindings are common for magical families like her own, however when she travels to the whimsical Emerald Isle she discovers there’s more to her betrothal and McKale’s clan than she was led to believe.

What starts as an obligatory pairing between Robyn and McKale morphs over time into something they both need. But one giant obstacle stands in the way of their budding romance: a seductive and deadly Fae princess accustomed to getting what she wants—and what she wants is McKale as her plaything. Love, desire, and jealousies collide as Robyn’s family and McKale’s clan must work together to outsmart the powerful Faeries and preserve the only hope left for their people.

This was my first novel by this author and I thought it was pretty interesting and different from what I normally read. I am not a huge fae type reader but I am a fan of Ireland and I have a soft spot for the wee folks.

My take on this novel

Robyn as been betrothed to a boy she has never met because the fae has demanded it. Her parents are humans who work for the fae and so they can’t really say no. Robyn grew up with a weird sort of fantasy about this boy she never met. It wasn’t until she gets on the plane that her folks actually tell her that he is a leprechaun. She starts kind of freaking out because all she can think about is how short he must be I mean he is a leprechaun.

McKale is different that most leprechauns because he is taller than all the rest and gets made fun of for it. He figured that the girl who is suppose to be coming to be his mate will not want him. So he never thinks about her that much and makes friends with a fae girl. Though when Robyn shows up and he got to know her things start to change.

Robyn had already sort of fell for the idea of being with McKale and it didn’t take long for her to actually start to like him one they met. The more McKale is with her the more he starts to see things differently. The fae girl on the other hand does not see things the way they do. She wants McKale.

I don’t think I have ever read a book about leprechauns and I think that was what I found the most interesting. It had some laugh-out-loud moments. I really enjoyed the characters from the main to the secondary. Robyn was a strong character and didn’t back down from the fae and McKale sounded like a really sweet young man (though he was actually a lot older than he looked).

I think what I loved the most about this story is there wasn’t a love triangle, I get so tired of those in YA novels, so it was a nice reprieve.

If you are into YA novel and fae type books then you might enjoy this one. I will be checking out more books from this author.

Narrator: Chris Dukehart

Was not real impressed with this narrator. She sounded a bit robotic to me and I ended up listening to it on a faster speed to make it sound better. I did get use to it after awhile but I can’t say that I like this narrator much at all.

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