Audiobook Review: Scandal Wears Satin

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Audiobook Review: Scandal Wears Satin

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Scandal Wears Black by Loretta Chase
Length: 10 hours and 30 minutes
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Published by Avon, Harper Collins, Tantor Audio on audible pub. date was April 30th
Pages: 384
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

Narrator: Kate Reading
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From the Journals of Sophia Noirot: A dress is a weapon. It must dazzle his eye, raise his temperature . . . and empty his purse.

A blue-eyed innocent on the outside and a shark on the inside, dressmaker Sophy Noirot could sell sand to Bedouins. Selling Maison Noirot's beautiful designs to aristocratic ladies is a little harder, especially since a recent family scandal has made an enemy of one of society's fashion leaders. Turning scandal to the shop's advantage requires every iota of Sophy's skills, leaving her little patience for a big, reckless rake like the Earl of Longmore. The gorgeous lummox can't keep more than one idea in his head at a time, and his idea is taking off all of Sophy's clothes.

But when Longmore's sister, Noirot's wealthiest, favorite customer, runs away, Sophy can't let him bumble after her on his own. In hot pursuit with the one man who tempts her beyond reason, she finds desire has never slipped on so smoothly . . .

Scandal Wears Satin is the second book in The Dressmaker series by Loretta Chase. I have read other books by this author and have always found them to be interesting.  With this one I thought it was okay but a little slow in the beginning but it picks up once Clare runs away and puts Longmore and Sophy together while they try and find her and then slows down again.

Sophy is all about saving the Maison Noirot’s dress shop as because of the shocking scandal that happened from the first book, they are having a hard time selling to the aristocratic ladies of the ton. Marcelline Noirotis a dress maker married the Earl of Clevedon in the first book Silk Is For Seduction and it has turned their world upside down.  Their only hope is Clare and her pending marriage so when she runs away Sophy decides it’s best she go with Longmore to find her. 

Longmore has a bit of a temper especially when it comes to his sister and anyone who tries to compromise her. So when Longmore’s sister and Sophy’s wealthiest client runs away, Sophy intervenes so that he doesn’t do anything rash. Along the way things change between Sophy and Longmore and sparks fly. The thing is, is that Sophy knows it can’t be anything more than a fling because she can’t get involved with a client and they already have enough scandal in the family with her older sister’s marriage.

Sophy’s is an interesting character and she seems to have many different sides to her and she shows those sides in dressing up and pretending to be other women. She does that twice to help Longmore and his sister. I liked Sophy because she is determined to do what ever needed to save their dress shop.  Longmore, a hot tempered handsome Lord, but I can’t really say I loved him. He didn’t really make me swoon, but he was still a likable enough character.

I think the problem I had with this novel was the lack of romance. I don’t mean sex because I can take it or leave it on that part of a romance novel but I just mean the plan old sensual romance that is found in most romances. The sizzling attraction and the teasing that normally goes on between the two main characters. This novel seemed to be formed more around Sophy trying to save her dress shop and stopping Clare from having to marry the horrible man she was compromised with. In between all of this there was a little sexual tension and sex, then more trying to set up Adderly. 

Narrator: Kate Reading

This is my first novel with narrator Kate Reading and at first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like her but her voice grew on me. Her best male voice is actually when she is trying to do the sexy growl for Lord Longmore. Kate is great at reading and the audio is crisp and clear and runs smooth.

This was my first romance novel on audio so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel with the sex scenes but they really were not that steamy so I think I got of lucky on my first audio romance.

Now I did have a little problem with one of the CD’s not playing right and it wouldn’t let it rip on to my computer so I could transfer to my phone, but I am sure it was just a glitch in my CD copy. It was a little frustrating and thankfully only on one CD.  (This problem doesn’t affect my rating)



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