Audiobook review of Wolf’s Capture

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Audiobook review of Wolf’s Capture

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Wolf's Capture by Eve Langlais
Length: 7 hours and 4 minutes
Published by Author, Tantor Audio on January 6th 2015
Pages: 230
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

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She might think she’s captured the wolf, but in the end, he’ll take her heart.
Brody is a soldier who misses the excitement of the military and its missions. He retired to work as clan beta in Kodiak Point. Talk about boring, until he’s captured by a foreign enemy.
Him, a prisoner?
Not for long. This wolf will do anything in order to get away–even if it involves seduction.
First step in plotting his escape: pretend interest in a woman. But Layla isn’t just any woman. She’s special.
Not human. Not shifter. He doesn’t know what this exotic lady is other than his.
A prisoner for years, Layla isn’t sure what to make of the enemy who shares a cell with her. He promises her hope, but that would involve trust. Despite her doubts, she can’t help but be drawn to him. Unacceptable which means she does her best to drive him nuts.
Working together, can they escape the clutches of the enemy?
And do they dare fall in love?
Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart.

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I love this series!!!!!!

What I thought of this book.

Though this one wasn’t my favorite in the series it was still pretty good and a lot of fun. One thing I really enjoy is a humor in my paranormal romance reads. 🙂

Throughout the whole series there has been a secondary story about someone being after the pack but we are never sure who it is until this book. Someone who Layla calls the Master is using her to capture a wolf, not just any wolf but Brody a wolf shifter.

Brody is really kind of a cocky character and really a bit full of himself, so I thought it was funny when he gets himself captured because of a woman. Layla is a slave to the Master and has the ability to control animals, but not shifters. She controlled the animals around to her make Brody curious about her and what was going on, so he was paying attention to the beautiful woman and not what was going on. I think he kind of got what was coming to him by being captured…lol.

Brody doesn’t know what to think about Layla at first, his wolf wants her but he is leery of her especially since she was why he was captured. Layla tell him she can’t help what she does it’s the Master that makes her and she has tried to escape several times but each time she is found.

Although attracted  to each other they are both leery of each other and don’t trust each other but if they want to get out they are going to have to work together.

Layla has been a slave to one master or another since she was fourteen so she is pretty naive when it comes to a lot of things. This last master is really smart and even though she has escaped over fifty times he still was able to capture her. She is really spunky, but then she would have to be to even attempt to escape that many times. She also doesn’t back down to Brody which is good.

Brody like I said is really cocky and is not my favorite character. He is so sure of himself because he has escaped worse captures than this and doesn’t back down from trying to escape. His mouth gets him into trouble a lot and he is a little bit conceited. Which makes some of the things that happens pretty comical. 🙂

In this one we find out who the real bad guy is but it’s not over and so I must listen to the next one to see what happens. I am a little sad that I only have one more left in this series and then it’s done. 🙁 I am a little nervous about Grizzly love cause it’s about a younger man and an older woman. (I normally prefer the other way around older man, younger woman). So I hope I like it.

If you a fan of Paranormal Romances with snark and humor or just like this author then you need to read this series.

The Narrator:

Chandra Skyye does a great job with this series. Some times her female voices are off but she does a great job with Layla this go around and her male voices while they kind of sound the same are good.

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5 responses to “Audiobook review of Wolf’s Capture

  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I haven’t read this series yet but I’ve read some of the author’s other work and have found them enjoyable. I will have to start this series soon though. 🙂

  2. I need to read one of her shifter books and I do have one in my tbr-not sure which one though. Glad you enjoyed it even though the voices weren’t exactly right 🙂

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