Audiobook review of When Night Comes

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Audiobook review of When Night Comes

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When Night Comes by Dan Walsh
Length: 9 hours and 23 minutes
Genres: Suspense, Christian
Published by Bainbridge Press Pages: 320
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Kirby Heybourne
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Jack Turner comes back to Culpepper to give a series of lectures for his old history professor. Within days, he starts having bizarre experiences at night. Like he's traveling back in time, experiencing the epic events in his lectures firsthand. He has no control over these experiences and can't make them stop.
Joe Boyd thought he'd left big city crime back in Pittsburgh when he took a detective job in Culpepper, Georgia, a sleepy southern college town. His peaceful life ends when two students turn up dead in two weeks. The coroner is saying natural causes, but something doesn't add up.
Rachel Cook, a teaching assistant at Culpepper, can't believe Jack is back in her life again. She's had a crush on him since she was fourteen, but Jack never knew. He instantly seems attracted to her, but she can tell...something is deeply troubling him.
Watching all this from a distance is Nigel Avery. He's certain this experiment's about to unravel. It'll be his job to tie up all the loose ends when it does.
Bestselling author Dan Walsh is known for page-turning storylines. Fans of his novels The Discovery and What Follows After will especially love...When Night Comes.


Here is what I thought

Jack Turner has made a name for himself with his knowledge of military history. He is writing a book about a series of lectures that he has done and he is not suppose to really talk to anyone about them. So when he gets a call about doing some lecturing at the college he went to by one of the professors he had he decides to go home.

Joe Boyd thought he left big crime back in the city and thought life in a small town would be peaceful. Then he gets a call about a male on campus who has died. It looks like just heart failure and then another kid is found and it looks like suicide for him. Joe is okay with the coroner ruling these deaths as not a homicide.

Then some strange things starts happening to Jack. He would give a lecture at the college and then that night have the most vivid dream, it was almost as if he was right there and a part of the whole thing. It would be perfect for a historian like him if it didn’t scare the crap out of him. He doesn’t know what is going on but something is happening to him.

As he start to put the pieces together  there is also someone following him around, but not just him some of the others that are involved in these things. He figures out that it only happens after he has been to someone’s house (not saying who).

I don’t want to give to much away but it was a really interesting read.

I liked Jack thought he is a little strange and really wrapped up in military history. It put an end to his relationship with his girlfriend because she thought he was to old fashioned. He meets a new girl on campus though he already knew her but when she was younger and he didn’t pay her much attention. Joe seems to be a good ole boy detective and I would find it hard to believe much of what Jack said either as he would come off sounding like a crazy person. 🙂

Goodreads has it down as Christian fiction but that surprises me as it’s not preachy or anything. No bad language that I can remember but it just seemed like a normal suspense read to me. So if it sound interesting give it a try. 🙂

The Narrator

Kirby Heybourne does a really good job with this and keeps the pacing going pretty steady.

Audio rating: 4

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      Yes, you need too. It really depends on the narrator as it can make a difference but you get a good one and I think you will enjoy it. 🙂

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