Audiobook review of We are Holding the President Hostage

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Audiobook review of We are Holding the President Hostage

I received this book for free from Stonehouse Productions in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

We Are Holding the President Hostage by Warren Adler
Length: 8 hours and 44 minutes
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Published by Stonehouse Press Pages: 300
Format: Audiobook
Source: Stonehouse Productions

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Aging Mafia Don Salvatore Padronelli is furious when fanatical Islamic terrorists capture his beloved daughter and grandson on a trip to Egypt. Fed up with ineffective diplomatic measures and a lack of governmental action, the Don and his loyal henchman cleverly insinuate themselves into the White House posing as waiters at a State dinner and take the President and his wife hostage. Now the Don calls the shots. This classic confrontation between two men on utterly opposite sides of the law is laced with humor and illustrates how fierce paternal love can motivate even the most ruthless of gangsters into reckless acts of courage and bravery.

Also by this author: The War of the Roses

AUDIOBOOK thriller

What I thought of this book.

When terrorist kidnap a group in Egypt they end up with the daughter and grandson of an aging Don Salvatore Padronelli also known as The Padre.

Robert his son-in-law hates what he does for a living and doesn’t want to ask him for help but with his wife and son being held hostage he doesn’t have much choice.

The Padre is frustrated that the president won’t do anything to get the hostages back so he concocts a plan to infiltrate the white house during a dinner and hold the president hostage until he does something to get his family back.

You know a while back I might have thought that this would be impossible for them to do with the secret service being so on guard but this day and age maybe not so much. With all the Secret Service scandals and letting people on the to white house property, it could be plausible. Still, at times I thought it a little over the top believable, but hey it’s a book.

It wasn’t a gripping thriller and I had a hard time trying to decide what category to put it in and in the in end thriller is where it landed. I know that The Padre is in all reality a bad guy, but in this instant, he was a father and grandfather and I really felt bad for him. He was willing to kill himself and all those around him in order to get his daughter and grandson brought home.

Some secondary characters I like and some I didn’t. I was not a fan of the president and thought his wife acted at times better than him. I also thought the  daughter and son that were kidnapped were very brave.

I did find the story enjoyable and I was really curious about how things were going to work out especially after some of the moves that The Padre  made. I think my biggest complaint would be that I felt the ending was somewhat rushed. It seemed to get a bit chaotic and then boom it was over the end.

Though I have seen a movie adaptation of one of Adler’s books this is the first time I have actually listened to one of his books and though it had some flaws I enjoyed it.

The Narrator:

This was my first time listening to narrator Eric Bryan Moore and I thought he did a good job with this story.

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9 responses to “Audiobook review of We are Holding the President Hostage

  1. Hm… that rushed at the ending issue tends to regularly crop up, doesn’t it? Sue Grafton has occasionally committed the same sin in her Alphabet Murders series, but I like Kinsey Millhone too much not to continue reading them. It all comes down to how much it affects the overall storyline. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful review.

    • Stormi

      Yeah, it drives me crazy when the ending is like bam it’s over. It doesn’t stop me from reading more of their books though…lol. Overall this was an okay read just not great.

    • Stormi

      He has an interesting humor about his work. So far War of the Roses is my favorite and it was dark and funny…lol.

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