Audiobook review of Trinkets

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Audiobook review of Trinkets

I received this book for free from Hachette Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Trinkets by Kirsten Smith
Length: 3 hours and 52 minutes
Genres: Contemporary
on July 23, 2019
Pages: 288
Format: Audiobook
Source: Hachette Audio

Narrator: Dana Berger, Jessica Scholl, Lilla Crawford
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Now a Netflix Original Series! The Breakfast Club meets Leah on the Offbeat in this story of female friendships that break all the rules.
Tabitha, Elodie, and Moe: a beauty queen, a wallflower, and a burnout. Tabitha has just about everything she wants: money, friends, popularity, a hot boyfriend who worships her... and a yen for stealing. So does Elodie, who, despite her goodie-two-shoes attitude pretty much has "klepto" written across her forehead. Both of them are nothing compared to Moe, a bad girl with an even worse reputation. But the day that Tabitha and Elodie walk into Moe's Shoplifters Anonymous meeting, everything changes. When Tabitha challenges them to a steal-off, they forge a strange alliance linked by the thrill of stealing, and the reasons that spawn it. A more unlikely trio high school has rarely seen. Hollywood screenwriter Kirsten Smith tells this story from multiple perspectives with humor and warmth as three very different girls who are supposed to be learning the steps to recovery somehow end up on the road to friendship.

Here is what I thought

Every now and then I try a different genre to see what I think and if I might enjoy it. I don’t normally read/listen to contemporary YA novels and though I thought this was okay I can still say it’s not really a preferred genre.

Trinkets is told in the POV of three different girls who all have different backgrounds and reasons for shoplifting. They all go to the same school but would never ever be seen together as they hang out with different crowds.

Moe is kind of a rebel with a reputation but underneath it all she is a pretty decent person who is just trying to get by and stealing is just a way to escape. Things change for her when Tabatha and Elodie end up in her shoplifter’s anonymous class. She is not thrilled to see them there. Tabatha is pretty and comes from a wealthy family but even though it looks like everything for her is great they are not. Her boyfriend though popular and hot is abusive and her parents are not always around. She might be popular but she is a bit lonely. Elodie is shy but has a lot of problems going on with her as well. The one thing they all have in common is their compulsion to steal things.

Tabitha probably never knew that challenging them to a steal-off would change all their lives. That though they came from different home lives could forge a friendship. They each learn a lot about themselves through their new found friendship and the shoplifter’s anonymous class.

I am sure this would appeal to a different audience than me and that others would enjoy it, but I really just thought it was okay. It compares it to the Breakfast Club and I didn’t get that vibe from it at all.

The Narrator

I thought the narrators (Jessica Scholl, Lilla Crawford, Dana Berger) did a great job with it though I didn’t think their voices where to different so sometimes I just thought it was the same person.

Narrators: 3.5 stars

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