Audiobook review of To Love a Wolf

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Audiobook review of To Love a Wolf

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

To Love a Wolf by Paige Tyler
Length: 9 hours
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on June 7th 2016
Pages: 352
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Abby Craden
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HE'S FOUND THE ONE...SWAT officer Landry Cooper is certain Everly Danu is The One. The problem is, she has no idea what Cooper really is. And as much as he wants to trust her, he's not sure he can share his deepest secret...
When Everly's family discovers Cooper's a werewolf, her brothers will do anything to keep them apart-they'll kill him if they have to. Everly is falling hard for the ridiculously handsome SWAT officer, and she's not about to let her brothers tell her who she can love... Until Cooper's secret is exposed and she discovers the man she thought she knew is a monster in disguise.


Also by this author: Hungry Like the Wolf, Wolf Trouble, In the Company of Wolves

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What I thought of this book.

Paige Tyler why or why did you have to put my favorite wolf through the ringer! You are so mean!

Since I first started this series I have loved Cooper, he has been so sweet and understanding about the other wolves finding their ‘one’. At first, nobody believed in ‘the one’ until their squad leader met his, now they all secretly hope to find their one true mate.

Cooper was always the one to help them secretly hide what they were doing when it came to their ‘one’ and now it’s Cooper’s turn. While he was at the bank he meets a woman and starts talking to her and was in the process of getting her number when he sensed they were about to be held up. He goes into SWAT alpha cop/protective werewolf mode, especially when one of the robbers grabs Everly.

Things don’t go so smooth for Cooper and Everly as they get interrupted every time they start to get a bit intimate, and then right when it seemed like her brothers and father were going to like Cooper they turn on him. It seems they have a complicated past with his kind. They forbid her to see him but she has a mind of her own and doesn’t obey.

But that is not poor Coopers only problem someone is trying to blow up someone and he has to try and find out who it is. This poor boy has to work hard for his happily ever after and boy I was starting to wonder. I love my Cooper and Everly is perfect for him and I really enjoyed their story. Though towards the end, I thought I might need to have a talk with the author about her treatment of my man. 🙂

To Love a Wolf is full of great sexy werewolves (Cooper being the sexiest), action and some swoon worthy moments. If you’re a fan of paranormal romances then this is a series for you!

The Narrator:

Abby Craden does a great job with this series and she is becoming a favorite narrator. 🙂

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5 responses to “Audiobook review of To Love a Wolf

  1. There’s a lot of books released that have military or police characters recently. Got a feeling I might be missing something and need to check out a few:)

    • Stormi

      If you want to check one out try this series, it’s really good! Hungry Like a Wolf is the first one. 🙂

    • Stormi

      From the first book Cooper was my favorite so it was hard seeing him have such a hard time. I really like this series so if you like paranormal romances then you should give this series a try, Hungry like a Wolf is the first book. 🙂

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