Audiobook Review of Tilly

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Audiobook Review of Tilly

I received this book for free from Audiobook Jukebox in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Tilly by M.C. Beaton
Length: 5 hours and 32 minutes
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Published by Blackstone Audio, RosettaBooks Pages: 254
Format: Audiobook
Source: Audiobook Jukebox

Narrator: Charlotte Anne Dore
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The Beast; that was what they called her. With her plump body and rough tomboy ways, she felt more like a clown. It was hopeless. Poor penniless Tilly could only sit among the chaperons as a paid companion to the spiteful Lady Aileen. The best she could do was sit; sit and dream. But suddenly Phillip, Marquess of Heppleford, the most eligible bachelor of all - decided he wanted her for himself, to be his wife, and they were married. His intent was to keep his freedom, fulfill the conditions of his father's will, and shock his aunts. He never imagined he'd return from a scandalous adventure in Paris only to find a seductive beauty - a beauty who had learned that loving well is the best revenge. 

This is my first book by M. C. Beaton and if I get the chance I would be up to reading some more of her books (or listening).

Poor Tilly is called the ‘beast’ because she is always made up horribly and is a little plump. She is left penniless when her father died and she is now resigned to being a paid chaperon. She is a tomboy and doesn’t know anything really about how to dress or put on makeup and nobody really seems to want to help the they would just much rather make fun of her.

The Marquess Heppleford doesn’t really want to get married but his father put in his will that he must marry within one month of the reading of the will or he forfeits his wealth to his nephew. Phillip is not happy with this and since he has to marry he decides to just floor everyone with his choice of Tilly. He states that it will be more of a business arrangement, but Tilly didn’t exactly know what that meant until later. All she knows is that she fancies herself in love with him.

Phillip leaves Tilly on their wedding night to go back to Paris to be with his mistress. This leaves Tilly to all the gossip around town, but soon she hires a french maid she knew to give her a make over. With proper diet and knowledge of social graces she transforms from the beast to a butterfly and surprises Phillip when he comes home.

Tilly was very niave but she had gumption and that was what I liked about her. I think my favorite part was when she smacks the Marquess in the nose after he smacked her. It was their first fight and she held her own and it made me laugh.

I was not a real fan of Phillip even though he redeems himself at the end I found his actions deplorable. I mean, he left his new wife on their wedding night to go to his mistress! I would not have been as forgiving and Tilly was even if in love. He does something else that also makes me made but I don’t want to mention it. Over all he just wasn’t a very likable character in my eyes.

Despite not liking Phillip the books is really more about Tilly and what she does for love and so in that retrospect I enjoyed the novel. This was a quick listen and I enjoyed it and think that if you like historical romances you should give it a try.

The Narrator

This was read by Charlotte Anne Dore. The narrator was okay but she wasn’t the best I have heard and her male voices were horrible and a bit grading on the ears. Once I got use to her it was okay but I think it would have been better with a different narrator.

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