Audiobook review of the Paramedic Chris series

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Here is what I thought

The Paramedic Chris series is a lovely childrens book series about two paramedics and the people they meet as they do their jobs.

In the first book it teaches little ones about the importance of not pranking the emergency services because that could take up valuable time they needed to help someone who was really in need of their help.

In the second one Paramedic Chris and Zara take a call from an elderly gentleman who was feeling down and find out that he is in need of some help. Since his wife died he has been stuck in the house with no help, so they get him some. Great story about lending a helping hand and going out of the way to help another person.

In the third one Paramedic Chris and his partner are at a school showing the Ambulance to a class of students. When one student pushes another so he could be first in line it ruins the whole experience for the class. This is a great one about how it’s not nice to be a bully and all it really does is ruin everyone’s fun day.

Overall, I thought these were really great beginner books for young children and I always love a book that teaches kids important things like respect of others and the importance of emergency services.

These books are very short since they are little kids books so the audios are super quick but very enjoyable and the narrator, Kate Barton, did a great job.

Series gets 4 stars!!

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