Audiobook review of The Courtesan Duchess

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Audiobook review of The Courtesan Duchess

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Courtesan Duchess (Wicked Deceptions, #1) by Joanna Shupe
Length: 9 hours and 39 minutes
Genres: Historical Romance
Published by Zebra Pages: 352
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Carmen Rose
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How to seduce an estranged husband—and banish debt!—in four wickedly improper, shockingly pleasurable steps...
1. Learn the most intimate secrets of London’s leading courtesan.2. Pretend to be a courtesan yourself, using the name Juliet Leighton.3. Travel to Venice and locate said husband.4. Seduce husband, conceive an heir, and voilà, your future is secure!
For Julia, the Duchess of Colton, such a ruse promises to be foolproof. After all, her husband has not bothered to lay eyes on her in eight years, since their hasty wedding day when she was only sixteen. But what begins as a tempestuous flirtation escalates into full-blown passion—and the feeling is mutual. Could the man the Courtesan Duchess married actually turn out to be the love of her life?

historical ROMANCE

What I thought of this book.

I don’t normally go for the already married romances but this one had me a bit curious.

When Julia was sixteen she was married the the Duke of Colton and then he just left. He never wanted to be married and refused to give his father the heir he wanted him to have. He never had a great relationship with his parents so he ran off and left Julia all alone.

It’s been eight years and Julia is having some problems and so she has decided that if her husband likes Courtesans so much that she will become one and seduce her husband and get the heir she wants. She enlist the help of an older Courtesan who told her everything she would need to do and how to act. Then she got her friend Simon to help introduce her around and get her into Colton’s circle.

She is introduced as Juliet Leighton an had a nice story to go along with the name. As soon as Colton sees her he is mesmerized and wants to make her his. He has no idea it is his wife and once he finds out he is not happy at all. Julia feels bad once she gets to know him as she knows he wants no children but she needs an heir because of the troubles back home.

Colton has fallen for his wife, but is hurt by her deception even though he should feel bad about up and leaving her. When she is with child he doesn’t believe it’s his because no virgin could have acted like she did on that first night they were together. He think she just wants him to acknowledge the child as his and they have ugly words.

Julia is hurt because of his hateful words even though she has fallen for her husband he said words she doesn’t know if she can forgive. Danger also lurks around the corner.

I really liked Julia she has a lot of spunk to go after her husband after eight years and seduce him. She only had the knowledge of what she was told to aid her. She wasn’t wanting to fall for her husband she just wanted an heir, but she learned there was more to Colton than just his debauchery.  Colton had some redeeming qualities though I wasn’t a huge fan of him at  first, he is rude when it comes to wife. He married her and then left and didn’t even care about her feelings. He just wanted to jilt his parents. When you find out more about him and his parents you kind of feel bad for him but he still was never a favorite hero in my eyes though I did start to like him a little.

Overall a decent start to a series and if you like historical romances you might like this one.

The Narrator:

This was my first time listening to Carmen Rose and I thought she did a great job with this one. She has a good voice for historical romances.

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2 responses to “Audiobook review of The Courtesan Duchess

  1. I have this one from netgalley – I missed it when Cassie emailed I guess – and I had kind of forgotten about it (because I have piles of books to read it happens!) so thanks for the reminder. I’m glad you liked Julia, I like my main characters with spunk 🙂 I’ll have so see if I enjoy it without the narration. And keep an eye out for book 2 with Tantor. You haven’t seen it yet have you?

  2. Oh wow, this one definitely sounds different, Stormi! And I’m very curious about how it will turn out in the end. Julia definitely showed a lot of courage going to seduce her husband that way! And I kind of have a feeling I might not like him all that much… apart from if there is something big that could redeem his actions towards her.

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