Audiobook review of The Beast of Devil’s Rockk

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Audiobook review of The Beast of Devil’s RockkThe Beast of Devil’s Rock by Michael R. Cole
Length: 5 hours and 26 minutes
Genres: Horror
Published by Severed Press on August 6, 2019
Pages: 154
Format: Audiobook
Source: Hoopla

Narrator: Matt Godfrey
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There is something lurking in the trees…

A winter storm has buried North Dakota in snow and ice. With accidents being reported across the region, Deputy Ron Weller must patrol along the main road through a normally tranquil forest in Beeman County. The night grows menacing as he discovers vehicles that have been run off the road, their drivers mysteriously missing. Strange tracks lead through a region of thick forest known as Devil’s Rock. There, Weller makes a horrifying discovery.

A monster has awakened. Its hunger is insatiable, and its ferocity has no limits.

Protected by an armored exoskeleton, the beast is relentless in its pursuit of prey. It must feed or face starvation. What has started as a search for a missing driver has now become a fight for survival, as Ron Weller is hunted by THE BEAST OF DEVIL’S ROCK.

Barb and I are doing another TBR Jar of Horror pick today. We haven’t done one is a while but what it is is that we both have a lot of horror and have decided to put them on paper and stick them in a jar and then draw one. So we are reveiwing on the same day but different books. 🙂 After you checked out what I picked go over and see hers at Booker T’s Farm!

Here is what I thought

This was kind of your run of the mill creature feature book.

It’s set during a winter storm in North Dakota so the perfect set up for a giant spider creature to decide to awaken and munch on those surrounding Devil’s Rock. Deputy Ron Weller is out on patrol when he and his partner comes upon a car. They check it out to see if anyone is in it but don’t find anyone but the car window is busted.

They try looking around to find out what might have happened and then Deputy Weller’s partner goes missing and he calls in some help. The more that the Deputy looks around he finds tracks and then sees something he couldn’t believe. When the help arrive they all make fun of the Deputy but not for long when they all have a run in with the creature and things don’t go well for most of them.

This book really doesn’t have much plot or substance but it was kind of fun just to listen too. It has some squemish parts because of the descriptions of what happens to those the creature captures. It was interesting to see a giant spider in a winter setting and not a yeti or something like that.

The characters don’t have a lot of depth to them but I liked Ron well enough. The other characters though pretty much all blended together and I didn’t care that any of them died. I did like how Ron ends up killing the monster that was interesting.

Overall, it was just okay and I would say don’t expect anything spectacular.

The Narrator

The narrator Matt Godfrey did a pretty decent job of narrating it.

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