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Audiobook review of The AwakeningThe Awakening (Outage #2) by T.W. Piperbrook
Genres: Horror, Paranormal
Published by Post Script Publishing Pages: 140
Format: Audiobook
Source: Bought

Narrator: Troy Duran
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Tom Sotheby has escaped the forest, but he is far from safe. His wife has been butchered. The town he once knew is a barren white wasteland.
And the beasts won't rest until he's dead.
His only hope is to get to town, to safety he isn't sure exists...

Also by this author: Outage (Outage #1), Vengeance (Outage #3)

This is book two in the Outage werewolf horror series.

What I thought of this book.

Awakening takes you back a bit into things we didn’t see in book one when it comes to Tom and his wife and how they were trying to make their own escape from the creatures.


Tom tries so hard to keep him and his wife safe, but there is just to many creatures coming from all around. He meets Abby and they all try to make a break for it but they wrecked the car and his wife gets killed. He watches Abby change and he is again on the run for his life.

He finds a running car and he is off again trying to survive the storm and the creatures that are gathered for this storm so they can feed on the town. On his way to town he finds a young couple and picks them up. They makes it into town and he gets help by a man who shoots the creature and kills him.

They all hide in the guys shop but it will only be a matter of time before the creatures find them. Mark explains to him about his brother being one of them and how he had given him some bullets that will take them down as he didn’t want to be one. He ended up having to kill his brother. He also tells him how at first he didn’t believe him and so he didn’t have all the weapons and bullets that he needed as they are at his brothers house.

The young couple seem really scared and quiet but they are really just biding their time. They are not what they seem and neither is Mark. Poor Tom can’t seem to catch a break as it comes to fighting creatures.

Awakening has a lot of action in it as they are being attacked every time they turn around it seems. The creatures are everywhere and it’s hard to try and trust anyone. For the most part it’s Tom (one man) against all these supernatural creatures and that seems a little bit unreal to me how he seems to survive.

I did enjoy it as it was full of a lot of action but it seems a bit far fetched but I will let it go there it’s a werewolf novel. If you like horror with a lot of action then you will probably enjoy this series.

While listening to this it seems to me that this one just ends and book three picked up right were the second leaves off so I am going to call that a cliffhanger if you don’t have the third book. Since I am listening to the box set I just go from one right to the other so no cliffhangers for me. 🙂

The Narrator:

Troy Duran continues to do a great job with this novel. He voices are fine and not to exaggerated that some times I didn’t even realize he did any voices…lol. He has a great deep voice for this type of book. 🙂

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