Audiobook review of Meet Me in Malmo

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Audiobook review of Meet Me in Malmo

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Meet Me in Malmo by Torquil MacLeod
Length: 9 hours and 15 minutes
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Detective
Published by Torquil MacLeod Books Pages: 224
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Marguerite Gavin
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Ewan Strachan is a second-rate journalist working for a third-rate publication in Newcastle. His unfulfilled career is given a potential boost when he meets a one-time friend from university who is appearing at a film festival in Edinburgh. Mick Roslyn is now an acclaimed movie director based in Sweden, married to the glamorous leading lady of most of his films. Mick invites Ewan to ‘Meet me in Malmö’.
On arrival in Malmö, however, Ewan makes a shocking discovery – the lifeless corpse of Roslyn’s wife. She has been strangled.
The Skåne County Police are called in to investigate the most sensational murder in Sweden since the death of Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. The investigating team includes the attractive, divorced, mother-of-one, Inspector Anita Sundström.
Ewan is deeply shaken and his world is about to be turned upside down – he suddenly becomes the investigating team’s prime suspect. Is Ewan their killer or is he an innocent caught up in a wider plot?
Anita Sundström tries to find the answers that will lead her to the top of Scandinavia’s highest building, before one final twist. It’s murder in Malmö.


What I thought of this book.

First book in the Inspector Anita Sundstrom series and it was interesting. Ewan Strachan is a reporter from London and he is meeting an acquaintance from his younger years in Sweden. When Ewan shows up at the guys house he finds the mans wife has been murdered.

Anita Sundstrom is one of the investigators on the case. The lady who was murdered was an actress and so they are wanting to get things wrapped up quickly. There are a lot of different angles to go with what exactly happened. Was it the husband, jealous husband who found out his woman had been hooking up with Mick, or could it have actually been Ewan who found the body.

This one had one of those very surprise endings that I actually had to back up the audio and listen to it again cause I wasn’t sure I heard things The mystery surrounding the death of the actress was solid and I never guessed who done it and was pretty surprised.

I liked Anita and I think she will be an interesting character to get to know. With how this story ended I am really curious to see how it affects her in the future.

Overall I enjoyed this one and I have the next couple coming up on my to be listened to pile and if you like crime novels you might want to give this series a try.

The Narrator:

I enjoy Marguerite Gavin, but I am not sure about her Scottish/Swedish accents. Overall it was okay to listen to but it took a bit of getting use too. 🙂

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  1. If I don’t enjoy the narrator, it’s really hard to enjoy the book, I think anyway. Glad you still want to listen to the next one-must really have been a good mystery-especially since you didn’t figure it out!

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