Audiobook review of Luck and Judgement

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Audiobook review of Luck and Judgement

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Luck and Judgement by Peter Grainger
Length: 11 hours and 57 minutes
Genres: Crime, Mystery
Published by Covey Publishing Pages: 324
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

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When a worker goes missing from a North Sea gas platform, there seem to be just two possible explanations – it was a tragic accident or a suicide. It does not take Smith and his detectives long, however, to discover that James Bell led a double life back onshore in Kings Lake, a life complicated enough to make him at least one dangerous enemy. Before the case can be unravelled, Smith must get a new team working together; Waters and Murray are still there but one of Wilson’s men is transferred to him, and the female detective constable from Longmarsh poses some unexpected problems for her new sergeant. Together they begin to investigate the links between the companies and the people that bring ashore the oil and gas, and they also find themselves caught up in the seamier side of life that exists beneath Lake’s everyday comings and goings. Jo Evison begins to delve more deeply into the story of the Andretti murders, and Smith himself has to face the fact that he might no longer be considered fit for duty.

Also by this author: An Accidental Death, But for the Grace


Here is what I thought

This was not my favorite in this series but I still enjoyed it. It’s also been a few weeks since I listened to it and I can’t remember a lot. So a short review cause I can’t remember enough. 🙁

It’s about a North Shoreman who goes missing after an accident and some think it was just a tragic accident others think suicide, but when D.C. Smith and his group start investigating they find a lot more going on. While they are investigating there are interactions between Smith and the lady writing a book on a murder he investigated. I feel like there could be a bit of romantic chemistry between them but he still misses his wife who has passed on.

This one wasn’t a bad one but it didn’t hold my attention as well as the others two I have listened too. I do enjoy D.C. Smith as he doesn’t seem to be afraid to just tell it like it is, and he is not on everyone’s favorite list. I like that is why I like him so much…lol.

I will continue with this series and I hope I enjoy the next one more as it happens sometimes. This is not a series to read out of order because the lady (whose name I can’t recall) that is writing the story is also in the second one so it could be confusing.

The Narrator

Gildart Jackson is now DC Smith to me as I have gotten use to his voice and I don’t think anyone else could be him now. 🙂

Audio rating: 4

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    • Stormi

      Yeah, some times series are a bit hit and miss but it’s because of the ones you like that you keep going. 🙂 I think you might enjoy these and I know one other blogger who has been reading them as well as she likes them.

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