Audiobook review of If Walls Could Talk

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Audiobook review of If Walls Could TalkIf Walls Could Talk by Juliet Blackwell
Length: 7 hours and 27 minutes
Series: ,
Published by NAL Pages: 316
Format: Audiobook
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Narrator: Xe Sands
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Melanie Turner has made quite a name for herself remodeling historic houses in the San Francisco Bay Area. But now her reputation may be on the line.
At her newest project, a run-down Pacific Heights mansion, Mel is visited by the ghost of a colleague who recently met a bad end with power tools. Mel hopes that by nailing the killer, she can rid herself of the ghostly presence of the murdered man-and not end up a construction casualty herself...


What I thought of this book.

I have heard a lot of good things about this author and this is my first time reading one of her books. I really enjoyed it and will continue with the series. I also want to try another series of hers I have seen around. 🙂

Mel took over her father’s business and has made a good name for herself doing remodels. This newest one though could have her reputation going the other way since one of the guys who started the renovation ends up dying on site.

All Mel wants to do is go to Paris, but it doesn’t seem to be something that is going to happen anytime soon. Now her friend Matt is in jail because the last words the deceased said was his name. Since he was at the crime scene they seem to think that is good enough, but not to Mel. She knows Matt couldn’t have done it.

Now she has to figure out exactly what happened, take care of Matt’s teenage kids, while also taking care of her ex-husbands teenage kid, whom she doesn’t mind claiming because she raised him for a while. There are plenty of questions involving what happened and the house as they find some things inside the walls.

She needs to find answers but will she make it through everything intact, as someone really wants something from the house and they will go to great lengths to get it, from ransacking places to burning down her dad’s garage, attacking her and the guys who was with at a storage facility.

Not only does she have all that going on but she is visited on and off by the ghost of the man who was killed and she thinks she might be going crazy. He is no real help as he doesn’t know who did it or why he is even hanging around, but he does hope she can find his killer.

Mel is a great character, she is strong and I like how she is making a name for herself remodeling houses. It has an interesting cast of characters and I was curious about a few people but wasn’t real sure who might be the killer till it played out in the end.

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to try the next one in the series. 🙂

The Narrator:

This was my first time listening to Xe Sands although I had heard about her from others who listen to audiobooks. She does a really good job and I enjoyed her narration of this story.

Couldn’t find a clip from this book, but this is the other series by Juliet Blackwell that I want to try and it’s narrated by the same narrator, so you can hear her narration. 🙂

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9 responses to “Audiobook review of If Walls Could Talk

    • Stormi

      This was my first time trying this author and I want to read more. She has another series that is a bit more paranormal that I think I want to try. :

  1. I loved this one and am so glad you did too! I read the 2nd one in the series not too long ago and while I didn’t like it quite as much it was still such a good read. This is such a fun series! I need to read her other series soon. I tried the first book ages ago but it’s heavy on the paranormal (witches, demons, and all the rest) and it didn’t suit my reading at the time.

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